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The CIA and The Social Network Movie Review

29/04/2015 01:40

Are we living in a HOLOGRAM?

28/04/2015 16:59
Holographic principle suggests there is a 2D surface that we can't see This surface contains all the information needed to describe 3D objects Since 1997, equations used to show holographic principle could be true have been based on models that contradict theories about our universe Now...

Unbelievable Skeletons Unearthed From The Catacombs Of Rome

28/04/2015 16:57
Source Back in 1578 came the fascinating discovery of a network of labyrinthine tombs, lurking deep beneath the street of Rome. The tombs were home to the decayed skeletons of early Christian martyrs – believed to be saints on account of their bravery & unwavering support of Christian...

25 Ways to Get Rid of Inflammation and Joint Pain

25/04/2015 04:35
Source Inflammation causes both acute and chronic pain. Understanding what inflammation means is of key importance in reducing it, and thus improving your health conditon. The world of medicine understands two types of inflammation: Primary and Secondary. The first step of understanding the...

The CIA and Enemy of the State – The CIA and Hollywood 04

23/04/2015 20:28

The Velocity of Now - APRIL 23, 2015 with Thomas Sheridan

23/04/2015 17:47

Michael Tsarion - Giving The Soul Away

22/04/2015 03:18

Bras, Lymph Node Constriction & Breast Cancer Link

21/04/2015 13:41
Source: Healing Cancer Naturally Dressed to Kill (Yourself)? Breast Cancer: A Pinch of Cancer: Can Wearing a Bra Kill You? by William Thomas If you didn't burn yours in the sixties, you might want to put it away now. "Bras cause breast cancer. It's open and shut," says medical researcher Syd...

The CIA and Robert De Niro – The CIA and Hollywood

18/04/2015 00:09
Source: Spy Culture Guillermo Jimenez joins us for this episode to talk about Robert De Niro – a man whose relationship with the CIA spans two decades.  We look at four films – Wag the Dog, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers and The Good Shepherd, the latter three of which have documented CIA...

GNC Site Announcement

16/04/2015 19:46
Blair Lorimer (Editor) Due to life circumstances and creative projects, I do not have the time to keep the Newsfeed updated regularly. So, the site is becoming what it was always meant to be, and that is, an archive of information. There will still be articles added to the site on occassion, when I...

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