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10 Chronic Pain Food Triggers and 10 That Alleviate it

28/01/2015 04:44
Health And Love Page   Chronic pain lasts for months or even for years. It has no preventive role and it disrupts the sufferer’s everyday activities. It radically reduces the quality of life. Chronic pain is not a symptom, but an independent disease. If acute pain is our best friend, chronic...

Natural Alzheimer’s Reversing Oil That is Beating Prescription Drugs

28/01/2015 04:38
Natural News   Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a degenerative brain disorder that breaks down and eventually destroys brain cells and the neurons that connect brain cells to one another. This damage causes a decline in memory, behavior, and mental capabilities. Every person experiences...

flavonoids - The unique nutrient richness of every whole, natural food

28/01/2015 04:32
Healthiest Foods For serving size for specific foods see the Nutrient Rating Chart.   Basic Description Role in Health Support Summary of Food Sources Nutrient Rating Chart Impact of Cooking, Storage and Processing Risk of Dietary Deficiency Other...

The French are right: tear up public debt – most of it is illegitimate anyway

28/01/2015 04:22
The Guardian Debt audits show that austerity is politically motivated to favour social elites. Is a new working-class internationalism in the air? Contracts for Chilean student loans worth $500m go up in flames – the 'imaginative auditing' of the artist Francisco Tapia, commonly known...

The Cigarette Ingredients Tobacco Companies Don’t Want You to Know

27/01/2015 15:23
NonGMOseeds The annual global death toll caused by smoking is 4 million. Do you know what you’re smoking? Cigarettes contain about 599 ingredients in one cigarette and their about 4,000 chemicals in each cigarette. Tobacco is a green leafy plant that is grown in warm climates but even in...

Secret Athens Report: Berlin Owes Greece Billions in WWII Reparations

27/01/2015 15:14
By Georgios Christidis in Thessaloniki   Details of a Greek report on the amount of World War II reparations still owed by Germany leaked to the press over the weekend. A top-secret report compiled at the behest of the Finance Ministry in Athens has come to the conclusion that...


26/01/2015 02:09

Hollywood: Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” and Atrocity Porn

26/01/2015 02:03
Global Research If ever the direction of a film and the shape of a particular narrative of US history, as written by, say, the fiction set on Fox News, could come together, then American Sniper is it. Not that you will have director Clint Eastwood, screenwriter Jason Hall and main actor...

Brazil about to run out of Water

26/01/2015 01:58

Nearly 140,000 Floridians have spoken out against genetically modified mosquito proposal

26/01/2015 01:47
Source: UPI   The company, Oxitec, is hoping to release male mosquitoes that have been modified to produce offspring that won't "survive to adulthood." The genetically modified mosquitoes will instinctually seek out wild female mosquitoes, and their producing offspring that won't survive...

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