The Zionist Story

17/08/2014 01:04

Exposed! The Evil Criminal Establishment that Rules Over Scotland!

14/08/2014 12:14

Are U.S. Police training with the Israeli Military?

14/08/2014 08:53

How — And Possibly Why — The US Contributes To The Saudi Police State

12/08/2014 19:25
Source: Frederick Reese, Mint Press   Saudi security forces on parade, November 2009. (Photo/Omar Chatriwala for Al Jazeera English via Flickr) On July 6, human rights activist Waleed Abu al-Khair was sentenced to 15 years in prison in the Saudi Specialized Criminal Court. Al-Khair was...

Hemp nanosheets might topple graphene to make supercapacitors

12/08/2014 19:04
TechSwarm As hemp makes a comeback in the U.S. after a decades-long ban on its cultivation, scientists are reporting that fibers from the plant can pack as much energy and power as graphene, long-touted as the model material for supercapacitors. They're presenting their research, which a...

The Savile Puzzle

10/08/2014 13:16
Tim Hicks The Savile Puzzle -  Crime & Parliamentary Affairs correspondent TIM HICKS continues to unravel the Savile puzzle . . . ~~~~~ The reverberations of Dan Davies’ new book: “IN PLAIN SIGHT.  The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile” are continuing.  Such is the meticulous...

Media Literacy for the Unconscious Mind

10/08/2014 01:39
- Brian Walsh   Abstract The American public is no longer in complete control of the decisions that they make. Public space has lost its neutrality now that marketers are targeting the unconscious minds of consumers. The majority of the American public is unaware that they are spending more...

Fracking is a Wall Street Snowjob

08/08/2014 01:45
Thomas Sheridan                           One of the many reasons I am totally against Fracking is primarily because it is looking more and more destined to be the next DotCom Bubble.  All the Fracking...

The elite television anchor: center of the psyop

07/08/2014 23:17
By Jon Rappoport | Jon Rappoport’s Blog “In acting, sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” (George Burns) Reality is a psychological operation. Socio-political reality basically means some group has force, money, and access to fawning media. They can define what...

Why Aren’t ISIS and Al-Qaeda Attacking Israel?

07/08/2014 17:47
By Brandon Turbeville | Activist Post With the recent slaughter of Palestinians taking place on television screens across the world, only the grossly misinformed would believe that Israel’s Palestinian extermination program is actually “self-defense.” Yet for all of Israel’s whining about...

The Rise of the Praetorian Class

06/08/2014 02:57
By Pete Kofod Much attention has been paid to the “disappearing middle class” and the “vanishing American Dream.” While the observations are largely accurate, they are also misleading. The traditional three-tier model of the upper, middle and lower class broadly categorizes people according to...

Healing in the Aftermath

05/08/2014 23:42
Source Healing in the Aftermath of the Psychopath The illustration by Walter Crane is of Red Riding Hood being rescued from the Big Bad Wolf. I think it’s safe to say that for most of us, this isn’t going to happen. Once the “relationship” with the psychopath ends, we must rescue ourselves. We may...

Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics

05/08/2014 23:34
Covert emotional manipulation tactics are underhanded methods of control. Emotional manipulation methodically wears down your self worth and self confidence, and damages your trust in your own perceptions. It can make you unwittingly compromise your personal values, which leads to a loss of...

Stages of the Psychopathic Bond

05/08/2014 23:25
Psychopaths&Love Stages of the Psychopathic Bond — Idealize, Devalue, Discard The predictable yet completely unexpected and devastating pattern of a relationship with a psychopath is broken down into three stages: Idealize, Devalue and Discard. This relationship starts out like heaven on...

Examining the "Israel Has A Right to Defend Itself" Narrative

05/08/2014 16:02

The United States' Farm-Grown Terrorism

05/08/2014 15:57
Source: Truth Out   Let's talk about America's farm-grown terrorism epidemic. Back on September 11th, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in the attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Since 9/11, our government has spent over $7.6 trillion on military...

Everything is Listening: MIT Recovering speech from the vibrations of a potato-chip bag

05/08/2014 15:39
Source: MIT     Researchers at MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe have developed an algorithm that can reconstruct an audio signal by analyzing minute vibrations of objects depicted in video. In one set of experiments, they were able to recover intelligible speech from the vibrations of a...

Narcissists & Psychopaths Cause PTSD for their Victims

05/08/2014 00:56
by Tim Field   How do the PTSD symptoms resulting from a Narcissist or Psychopath's abuse and bullying meet the criteria in DSM-IV?   A. The prolonged (chronic) negative stress resulting from dealing with a narcissist or psychopath has lead to threat of loss of job, career,...

South Africans: Israeli Apartheid “More Terrifying” than South Africa … “Worse Than Conditions Were for Blacks Under the Apartheid Regime” … “Far Worse Than Apartheid South Africa”

04/08/2014 04:58
Source: Washington's Blog     “What Acts Like Apartheid, Is Run Like Apartheid and Harasses Like Apartheid, Is Not A Duck—It Is Apartheid” Wikipedia notes that South Africans have called Israel an apartheid state (footnotes omitted): Former deputy mayor of Jerusalem Meron...

The West’s Reckless Rush Towards War with Russia

04/08/2014 04:41
By Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity For reasons that have no rational explanations at this time, the US and Europe have embarked on a concerted program to demonize Putin, ostracize Russia, and bring the world as close to a major conflict as it’s been since the Cold War, a time hardly...

Fracking in the UK, A Government-Sanctioned Land Grab

04/08/2014 04:12
Source: Wolf Street     By Don Quijones, freelance writer, translator in Barcelona, Spain. Raging Bull-Shit is his modest attempt to challenge the wishful thinking and scrub away the lathers of soft soap peddled by political and business leaders and their loyal mainstream...

NASA: New "impossible" engine works, could change space travel forever

04/08/2014 01:27
Jesus Diaz Until yesterday, every physicist was laughing at this engine and its inventor, Roger Shawyer. It's called the EmDrive and everyone said it was impossible because it goes against classical mechanics. But the fact is that the quantum vacuum plasma thruster works and scientists can't...

Scientist-World's Largest Egyptian Obelisk Not Human Origin

01/08/2014 04:48
NeonNettle   The largest obelisk ever has been discovered in the northern region of ancient Egypt. The stone quarries in Aswan house an unfinished obelisk, which has baffled scientists and disturbed historians to the point of denial.   Its discovery has split the academic...

Closure Without Contact - Surviving the Psychopath

30/07/2014 02:06
PsychopathFree All survivors of psychopathic evil know how extremely difficult it is to cut ties with a psychopath. And then once no contact is established, survivors find themselves trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered hearts and lives. Many survivors write that what they want...

Why Does it Take So Long to Get Over a Relationship with a Psychopath?

30/07/2014 01:45
PsychopathFree This topic comes from the Psychopath Free book, which is available on Amazon! Relationships with psychopaths take an unusually long time to recover from. Survivors often find themselves frustrated because they haven't healed as fast as they'd like. They also end up dealing with...

The Manipulator's 6 Steps to Idealization

30/07/2014 01:29
PsychopathFree This will be the first in a series of ongoing efforts to get each chapter from the PF Book posted as an article.. The idealization phase in a psychopathic relationship will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You will be swept off of your feet, lost in a...

9/11 Rogue Agenda-A Video Odyssey

29/07/2014 23:09

Mass Incarceration: 21 Amazing Facts About America’s Obsession With Prison

29/07/2014 21:54
Source: Michael Snyder, Op-Ed     Nobody in the world loves locking people behind bars as much as Americans do.  We have more people in prison than any other nation on the planet.  We also have a higher percentage of our population locked up than anyone else does by a...

Archaeologists find 2,600-year-old Celtic Princess in Germany

29/07/2014 18:38
Jane Walsh @irishcentral    Celtic Princess who died in 609 BC unearthed German archaeologists discovered a Celtic grave in the Danube heartland when they found the remains of a Celtic princess, from 2,600 years ago, buried with her gold and amber jewelry.   The...

Gaza's Real-Life Apocolypto!

29/07/2014 00:20

The mysterious death of Peaches Geldof and Britain’s dirty secrets

28/07/2014 23:36
By thecolemanexperiene In their desperation to keep a lid on Britain’s dirty secrets, the filth who run this septic isle are starting to make serious mistakes. Take the recent case of the mysterious death of Peaches Geldof. The powers-that-be acted in such haste when they disposed of...

Cathy O'Brien - Soul Recovery

28/07/2014 04:10

Behind the Curtains: How The Corporatocracy Is Driving the US-EU Trade Agenda

25/07/2014 04:09
Source: Wolf Street     By Don Quijones, freelance writer, translator in Barcelona, Spain. Raging Bull-Shit is his modest attempt to challenge the wishful thinking and scrub away the lathers of soft soap peddled by political and business leaders and their loyal mainstream...

Meet Theranos, Inc. – The Blood Testing Company with Henry Kissinger and a Cadre of Military and Political “Elite” on its Board

25/07/2014 04:03
Source: Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg     Kissinger deserves vigorous prosecution for war crimes, for crimes against humanity, and for offenses against common or customary or international law, including conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap, and torture. A good liar must have a...

How Many Politicians Is The NSA, CIA & FBI Blackmailing?

25/07/2014 03:59
Source: Kevin Zeese     David Sirota - When I asked U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) if the NSA was keeping files on his colleagues, he recounted a meeting between NSA officials and lawmakers in the lead-up to a closely contested House vote to better regulate the agency: “One of my...

The significance of a forgotten CIA document: MKULTRA

25/07/2014 03:56
Source: Jon Rappoport     This June 27, 1994, document is stored at the National Security Archive at The George Washington University. It was written by a CIA advisory committee, and forwarded to the Presidential Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, which was preparing public...

The New Age Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex

23/07/2014 22:39
Thomas Sheridan | Assoc. Editor, The US Independent Remember who you really are… The New Age Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex supports murder and genocide. What is happening in Gaza today will eventually take place in London, Dublin, New York, Lisbon, Barcelona, Oslo, Glasgow,...

Public Relations: The Dark Art

19/07/2014 00:21
Source How is it possible for corporations to withstand the public outcry resulting from bad business practices? How is it that celebrities and elected officials can use the media to assuage any bad situation to protect themselves and even spin it in their favor? It is through the use of the art...

Thomas Sheridan - Rise of the Nazi Death Cult

18/07/2014 23:59

Corporatist Lobbying Replaced a Free Market

17/07/2014 23:53
Source: James Hall, Op-Ed     The practice of a pure free market is so rare that a plausible argument can be made that a free market economy never existed. However, as the saying goes, Once Upon A Time, economic commerce did reflect a voluntary basis for business transactions....

Thomas Sheridan Interview! Shills, Internet Trolls, Russell Brand, Jimmy Saville & The Pedophilia Coverup

15/07/2014 20:00

Who Profits from Ukraine's War

15/07/2014 18:22
Source: Eric Zuesse   To start with, an explanation is needed for this article’s sheer length: The civil war now raging inside Ukraine is a turning-point in world history, regarding many different respects: For one thing, this civil war was produced as the direct result of the 2014 coup...

Facts All US Citizens Need to Know About Israel and Palestine

15/07/2014 18:16
Source: Robert Barsocchini     Gaza (along with the West Bank and East Jerusalem) is occupied Palestinian territory under international law, determined by the vast majority of the world, as well as the highest court in the world, the UN’s International Court of Justice. Gaza cannot...

The Return of George Orwell and Big Brother's War: On Israel, Ukraine and Truth

15/07/2014 18:14
By John Pilger, Counterpunch The other night, I saw George Orwells’s 1984 performed on the London stage. Although crying out for a contemporary interpretation, Orwell’s warning about the future was presented as a period piece: remote, unthreatening, almost reassuring. It was as if Edward...

How the CIA Partnered With Amazon and Changed Intelligence

15/07/2014 18:11
Source: Defense One     The intelligence community is about to get the equivalent of an adrenaline shot to the chest. This summer, a $600 million computing cloud developed by Amazon Web Services for the Central Intelligence Agency over the past year will begin servicing all 17 agencies...

SOLA 8 17 Physics and Reality

15/07/2014 17:49

SOLA 8 16 The Twin Towers

14/07/2014 23:24

Renovation to revolution: Was the Pentagon attacked from within?

12/07/2014 22:50

Red Ice Radio - David McGowan - Hour 1 - Covert Ops Behind the Hippie Dream

06/07/2014 22:34

NYP, Jaco, Jim and the others: A Study in High-level Police Cover-up

06/07/2014 00:25
NYP, Jaco, Jim and the others: A Study in High-level Police Cover-up Tim Hicks NYP, Jaco, Jim and the others:  A Study in High-level Police Cover-up a round-up by TIM HICKS (in the run-up to the publication of  DAN DAVIES’S definitive JIMMY SAVILE biography “In Plain...

PNAC- Project For A New American Century

04/07/2014 22:28

EU-US Free Trade Agreement TTIP or TAFTA

03/07/2014 16:47

Simon Anholt: Which country does the most good for the world?

03/07/2014 01:14

How to watch hacking, and cyberwarfare between the USA and China, in real time

02/07/2014 05:33
You’ve no doubt heard countless stories about how the internet is rife with hackers and ruled by malware-peddling malcontents. You’ve probably read dozens of paragraphs on how the next great theater of war will be online rather than offline, and how China and the US are already...

Invisible Empire by Neil Kramer

02/07/2014 04:04
Neil Kramer In discussing matters of society, politics, climate, war, education, and such like – the substance of the conversation is fundamentally determined by the participants’ cognizance of Empire. Without knowledge of Empire, the veracity of any discourse is severely restricted. As an...

Secret underground base beneath Denver International Airport now revealed by whistle-blower

30/06/2014 23:34
By Shepard Ambellas | Intellihub For the first time, a whistle-blower from within the DIA complex confirms the existence of a massive deep underground military facility located beneath the airport The Denver International Airport (DIA) is nestled on a vast 53 square mile complex and is owned...

Unleashing the Dragon

30/06/2014 04:09
  by Zen Gardner         by Zen Gardner As anyone even half awake watching these world events unfold can see, there’s an abrupt acceleration that’s taking place. To me it’s clear the signal has been given that “the coast is clear, go for...

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program

29/06/2014 23:23
Alrighty, I'm going to make a stab at covering the VAST topic of Disney's Mind Control Program, Subliminal Messages for Mind Control, propaganda and how they operate. This article is meant to be a simplistic overview of trauma based mind control as has been employed in the MK-Ultra Monarch...

The Far Right and Islamic Fundamentalists

29/06/2014 23:20
by Joseph Dietrich There have been a number of reports in the world press on the links between Al Qaeda and far right groups such as neo-nazis and skinheads in Europe. Solid reports of such a linkage have yet to emerge in the US, but may still come given the intensely internationalist nature of the...

Police State: What is a police Officer? - History of forced compliance to the accumulated wealth elite

29/06/2014 03:01
  Source     (1086) The system of maintaining public order since the genocide of the Norman conquest was a private system of tithing’s (a grouping of ten slave households under the Frankpledge each was accountable for every member of the group and could be punished as a group for...

Antony C. Sutton - An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones

26/06/2014 17:26

Orwellian nightmare: scientists now able to create or erase memories at will

26/06/2014 17:16
(NaturalNews) In a number of disturbing recent studies, scientists have shown the power to create and erase memories "at will." Most recently, in a study conducted by researchers from the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) and published online in the journal Nature on June 1, researchers...

How the Western Companies built Russia with Federal Reserve help

26/06/2014 16:44

The Socialist-Capitalist Alliance: the Fabian Society, the Frankfurt School, and Big Business: Part One

25/06/2014 18:20
By Clare Ellis, PhD Candidate | Council of European Canadians Most people with a critical interest in the Western policies and practices of multiculturalism and mass-immigration have probably heard of cultural Marxism. This 20th century strain of Marxism produced by the Frankfurt School a.k.a. the...

The SECRET Cause Of The Revolution

25/06/2014 17:33

The Complete History of Monsanto, The World’s Most Evil Corporation

24/06/2014 19:59
Source: Waking Times     Hanzai E, Lost in the Bamboo Forest Of all the mega-corps running amok, Monsanto has consistently outperformed its rivals, earning the crown as “most evil corporation on Earth!” Not content to simply rest upon its throne of death,...

The Global Corporatocracy Is Nearing Completion

24/06/2014 19:55
Source: Testosterone Pit   By Don Quijones, freelance writer and translator in Barcelona, Spain. Raging Bull-Shit is his modest attempt to challenge the wishful thinking and scrub away the lathers of soft soap peddled by our political and business leaders and their loyal mainstream...

PSYOPs, “Media Warfare” and the “Weaponization of Information” in Iraq

24/06/2014 19:52
Source: Ross Caputi   Iraqis are once again being made irrelevant in a war of spin as the Western media manipulates fact and narrative to support US action in Iraq. Debates have been raging over what the US should do about ISIS. Note the actors in this story: The US, ISIS, Prime Minister...

The Five Celebrating Israelis: September 11th Foreknowledge and Possible Complicity Corroborated by Evidence from FBI Investigation and Other New Information

24/06/2014 19:26
Keith Maart December 28, 2013     Introduction Within minutes after the first plane hit the World Trade Center’s North Tower, a woman in Union City, New Jersey, looked out her apartment window and witnessed bizarre and puzzling behavior by three men in her parking lot. While an...

CIA Covert Operations and U.S. Interventions Since World War II Full documentary

20/06/2014 04:14

How The World Works

19/06/2014 18:01

The Fall of Iraq - What You Aren't Being Told

18/06/2014 22:17

Secret state: Trevor Paglen documents the hidden world of governmental surveillance, from drone bases to "black sites"

18/06/2014 00:53
TheIndependent   As anyone who has worked there knows, Kabul is a tough place, redeemed by the charm of the people and the abundance of cheap taxis. But Trevor Paglen had trouble finding a taxi driver willing and able to take him where he wanted to go: north-east out of the city along an...

Scientific Community Finally Admits What CCHR Has Said for Decades: No Medical Tests Exist for Mental Disorders

17/06/2014 16:16
“It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” — Samuel Adams By Kelly Patricia O’Meara June 13, 2014 Call it an awakening. Slowly, ever so slowly, the scientific community finally is acknowledging...

Inventing Terrorists: US orchestrated most domestic 'terror-plots'?

16/06/2014 22:59

AIDS CURE U.S. Patent #5676977

16/06/2014 16:15

Changing Perceptions

16/06/2014 03:49

Red Ice Radio - Paul Craig Roberts - The Crisis in Ukraine & The Geopolitical Chess Game

15/06/2014 16:19

9/11 - False-Flag Black-Ops Terrorism

11/06/2014 18:07

Alan Moore: Language, Writing and Magic

11/06/2014 16:40

SOLA 7 42 Action Reaction

29/05/2014 20:13

Why Online Games Make Players Act Like Psychopaths

27/05/2014 18:39
Source Screenshot: ysarts via Steam Community Three men stand on a deserted street, their hands in the air. One wears a green T-shirt and a motorcycle helmet. The others wear bright yellow down jackets. They are surrounded by four armed men. “Gentlemen,” a man called Klyka says, “we are going...

DARPA's cyber warriors dive into the Internet with Oculus Rift

27/05/2014 14:42
Source: Dvice     The ability to go for a swim in the Internet's data streams allows Plan X's users to "look around the data," as program manager Frank Pound puts it. Delving into an enemy's secure server network, you are presented with spheroid representations of networks. Enemy...

The Three Laws of Pentagon Robotics

27/05/2014 14:39
Source: Washington's Blog   The three laws of robotics, according to science fiction author Isaac Asimov, are: 1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such...

How the NSA is Transforming Law Enforcement

27/05/2014 14:32
Source: EFF     If you’ve been imagining NSA surveillance as something distant, with analysts sitting in remote data centers quietly analyzing metadata—stop now. NSA surveillance has become a part of day-to-day law enforcement fabric in the United States. The Snowden disclosures that...

Virtually Every American Soldier who Died in a War Died for a Lie

27/05/2014 14:21
Source Memorial Day is a US federal holiday wherein the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces are remembered.   This weekend and continuing through Monday Americans will witness countless varied acts of praise for those who have died in America’s...

History Is Written By The Victors

27/05/2014 00:19

Red Ice Radio - Chip Tatum & Ole Dammegård - Hour 1 - CIA, Iran-Contra & Drug Trafficking

24/05/2014 02:09

The Gulf War and A New World Order

24/05/2014 01:59

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Tort of Defamation

21/05/2014 19:12

"Stop Being Food for the Reptilian Complex"

20/05/2014 02:27

Shocking Infographic Shows Extent of US Government Corruption

14/05/2014 18:35
Infographic demonstrates federal corruption, details how the US government has become totally beholden to big business The below infographic (I’m not sure who originally created it, please let me know if you know) viscerally demonstrates the “revolving door phenomenon,” whereby staff from big...

The Great Climate Change Conspiracy - Truthloader

14/05/2014 17:27

Alan Friedman’s Astonishing HD Photographs of the Sun Shot from his Own Backyard

14/05/2014 16:19
Source Alan Friedman is a fascinating guy. By day he’s a maker of greeting cards and a lover of hats, but in his spare time he’s a self-proclaimed space cowboy who points a telescope skyward from his backyard in downtown Buffalo, directly into the light of the sun. Using special filters...

MADE IN THE USA: Child Labor & Tobacco

14/05/2014 15:20

Did You Used to be R.D. Laing ? (Full Documentary)

14/05/2014 03:25

Looking At Tears Under A Microscope Reveals A Shocking Fact

11/05/2014 18:45
Source One day Rose-Lynn Fisher wondered if her tears of grief would look different from her tears of joy, so she began to explore them up close under a microscope. She studied 100 different tears and found that basal tears (the ones that our body produces to lubricate our eyes) are drastically...

What Does it Mean to be a Friend of Israel?

11/05/2014 17:33

A brain injury has turned a man into a mathematical genius

10/05/2014 23:16
Fiona MacDonald  After being brutally attacked in 2002, Jason Padgett now sees the world through a geometric lens. New research suggests the same ability may lie dormant in all our brains. Image: Jason Padgett via LiveScience Before the attack, which left him with concussion and...

Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find

10/05/2014 13:38
Source Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find   What would happen if it were proven that "fossil fuels" weren't the result of decaying plant and animal matter, were actually created within the Earth due to simple chemistry...

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