World Bank Is A Money Laundering Enterprise

08/09/2013 18:50
Source: SleithJournal Besides getting developing countries deeply in debt by destroying their economies and imposing high interests rates on loans, the world bank is also a money laundering enterprise. Former World Bank Senior Counsel, Karen Hudes, is a key witness to understand what...

Floating Free: New Levitation System Uses Sound Waves

08/09/2013 17:25
Source: LiveScience Researchers report that they have levitated objects with sound waves, and moved those objects around in midair, according to a new study. Scientists have used sound waves to suspend objects in midair for decades, but the new method, described today (July 15) in the journal...

Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?

07/09/2013 11:44

What Google Knows About You

07/09/2013 00:40
Source: Zero Hedge   Earlier, we reported the personal narrative of Michele Catalano who recounted how one day she found herself face to face with six agents from the joint terrorism task force. The reason? "Our seemingly innocent, if curious to a fault, Googling of certain things was...

These False Flags Were Used To Start A War

07/09/2013 00:38
Source: Zero Hedge   Just in case one’s history textbook had a few extra pages ripped out, this may be a good time to recall just how far one’s government is willing to go to start a war under false pretenses. Below is a partial list of some of the documented “false flag” events...

Achilles Heel: 13 Reasons why Establishment Forces Utilize Controlled Opposition

05/09/2013 19:17
Achilles Heel: 13 Reasons why Establishment Forces Utilize Controlled Opposition By Hatrick ‘Hattie’ Penry 9/4/13 “There are fake enmities between fake shows, and a circuit of ‘actors’ and shills posing as informants or experts or former government agents; all the while leading the ‘former’ sheep...

Celebrities Under Mind Control

25/08/2013 01:11
Source FreemanTV If you believe that slavery is a thing of the past, you are still a slave. The continuity of the practice of slavery on planet earth is staggering. The idea of owning another person is as old as civilization itself, going all the way back to ancient Sumer. Predating all other...

The Best Thieves Ever! A Brief History of Banking

22/08/2013 16:13

Spot the Psycho, Before They Spot You!

22/08/2013 15:57

Burned Alive in Bulgaria

21/08/2013 20:55

The Orwellian Internet Surveillance Noose: No Privacy, No Place to Hide

05/08/2013 06:55
GlobalResearch By Tom Burghardt As the United States morphs into a failed state, one unwilling and soon perhaps, unable, to provide for the common good even as it hands over trillions of dollars to a gang of financial brigands engorged like parasitic ticks on the wealth of others, keeping the lid...

Sandy Hook & the Boston Bombing You're Being Hoodwinked

01/08/2013 13:57

Scientists ‘freeze’ light for an entire minute

27/07/2013 23:04
  In what could prove to be a major breakthrough in quantum memory storage and information processing, German researchers have frozen the fastest thing in the universe: light. And they did so for a record-breaking one minute. It sounds weird and it is. The reason for wanting to hold light in...

Ego Weak Mystics and Shamans: A Supremely Defended Ego Is the Aim of Modern "Sanitized" Spirituality … the "Holy Fools" of Mystical History Would Be Medicated Today

27/07/2013 03:12
High Self Esteem (Positive Thinking) Distorts Reality for Temporary Pleasantness … High Self Regard Involves Openness to the Unpleasant: Stormy Path to Self, Part Three Ego-Weak Mystics and Shamans In a more recent work, John White (1990) continues Ken Wilber’s mistake in not realizing that the...

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

25/07/2013 20:42
Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military  and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to...

How Goldman Sachs Robbed You Of Five Billion Dollars

25/07/2013 15:58

Goldman Sachs Contains 4,000 Separate Corporate Entities

25/07/2013 00:33
Source: Disinfo Including more than 739 companies based in the Cayman Islands alone. Common Dreams on the staggering webs woven by multinationals as they split and grow, bringing to mind primitive, blob-like life forms expanding and engulfing their surroundings: The London-based...

Psychopath Roundtable, Thomas Sheridan, James Corbett, Jay Weidner, Vinny Eastwood 17July2013

20/07/2013 22:52

Dronestream - The history Of Drones

20/07/2013 22:24

Central Banksters Make the Best Terrorists

20/07/2013 22:21
Source: Ahead of the Herd   As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information From the minutes of theFederal Reserve meeting April 30th - May 1st 2013. "Many participants indicated that continued (job market) progress, more confidence in the outlook,...

Who Owns Online Data of the Dead?

20/07/2013 21:44
              After someone dies, do online companies and social media own a person’s stored information? These Internet operations like to think they do, and cite federal law to back up their claims. This information can...

The State is Not Great

19/07/2013 19:00

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

19/07/2013 16:47
Source The InternetPost The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths. But their...

Operation Paperclip Casefile

18/07/2013 23:37
Source - Conspiracy Archive Dossier Compiled by Agent Orange (Fri, 08 Aug 1997) After WWII ended in 1945, victorious Russian and American intelligence teams began a treasure hunt throughout occupied Germany for military and scientific booty. They were looking for things like new rocket and...

DNA shows Irish people have more complex origins than previously thought

17/07/2013 03:10
Marie McKeown   The red-hair gene is most common in Irish blood.   The blood in Irish veins is Celtic, right? Well, not exactly. Although the history many Irish people were taught at school is the history of the Irish as a Celtic race, the truth is much more...

Top 10 Cannabis Studies The Government Wished It Had Never Funded

16/07/2013 22:23
Liberty Crier Waking Times 10) MARIJUANA USE HAS NO EFFECT ON MORTALITY: A massive study of California HMO members funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found marijuana use caused no significant increase in mortality. Tobacco use was associated with increased risk...

Suicide kills more British soldiers and veterans than Afghan war

16/07/2013 20:00
Source: ABC.au   The UK's Ministry of Defence has confirmed more British soldiers and veterans committed suicide last year than died while fighting in Afghanistan. Last year seven serving British soldiers killed themselves, while a further 14 died in suspected suicides, not yet confirmed by...

The Psychotic Militarization of Law Enforcement

16/07/2013 19:57
Source: James Hall, BATR   How did it ever come down to abandoning peace keeping and accepting law enforcement by any means? Even the New York Times expresses alarm in, When the Police Go Military. "The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 generally bars the military from law enforcement activities...

10 Things Most Americans Don't Know About America

16/07/2013 19:18
Source: Mark Mason via The Burning Platform blog Imagine you have a brother and he’s an alcoholic. He has his moments, but you keep your distance from him. You don’t mind him for the occasional family gathering or holiday. You still love him. But you don’t want to be around him. This is how I...

How Former Very Influential Revolving-Door Senators Give Corporate Propaganda Extraordinary Clout

16/07/2013 19:17
Source: Alternet   The Bipartisan Policy Center carries weight with the media and Congress, but its 'research' is little more than PR for moneyed interests. The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), says its website, “drives principled solutions through rigorous analysis, reasoned negotiation and...

The Shadowy Cartel of Doctors that Controls Medicare

14/07/2013 23:24
Source: Cryptogon   Via: Washington Monthly On the last week of April earlier this year, a small committee of doctors met quietly in a midsized ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago. There was an anesthesiologist, an ophthalmologist, a radiologist, and so on—thirty-one in all, each...

World’s 100 richest could end global poverty 4 times over

12/07/2013 16:55
Posted by: True Activist The world’s 100 richest people earned a stunning total of $240 billion in 2012 – enough money to end extreme poverty worldwide four times over, Oxfam has revealed, adding that the global economic crisis is further enriching the super-rich. “The richest 1 percent has...

7 Ways The Obama Administration Has Accelerated Police Militarization

12/07/2013 14:14
Source: HuffPo   There were signs that President Barack Obama might rein in the mass militarization of America's police forces after he won the White House. Policing is primarily a local issue, overseen by local authorities. But beginning in the late 1960s with President Richard Nixon, the...

ALEC Agenda Tips the Scales of Justice to Help Corporations Win

12/07/2013 14:07
Source: Common Dreams   At least 71 bills introduced in 2013 that make it harder for average Americans to access the civil justice system resemble "models" from the American Legislative Exchange Council, or "ALEC," according to an analysis by the Center for Media and Democracy,...

Only 1% of So Called Terrorists Nabbed by the FBI Were Real

12/07/2013 14:05
Source: Alternet   A larger number of arrestees, poor and powerless, were caught in FBI "Threat Factory" stings. In the dozen years since the 9/11 attacks, we've watched as a classified new legal regime for government surveillance has been hashed out, local police...

10 Amazing Inventions From Nikola Tesla

12/07/2013 05:11
  June 6, 2013 by Joe Martino Perhaps one of Tesla’s most famous inventions deals directly with energy, something that is the talk of many social and political conversations and something that could be free to everyone if we used Nikola Tesla’s invention. Over the years, as more and...

Edward Snowden on Why He Stood Up to the NSA: Mass Spying "Not Something I'm Willing to Live Under"

10/07/2013 04:37

Corporate Law & Numerology (FTF Films)

10/07/2013 04:33

CIA Operatives and the Targeted Assassination of Foreign Leaders

06/07/2013 19:41
By Stephen Lendman No one’s safe from America’s long arm. From inception, CIA operatives developed skills to kill. Fidel Castro survived hundreds of assassination attempts. He knows best how Washington operates. Other leaders weren’t as lucky. In April 1994,...

The most frequently used words on television

05/07/2013 17:04
by Jon Rappoport July 1, 2013 www.nomorefakenews.com Propaganda is the art of selling people a reality they would never choose on their own. One of the profound and simple tricks of propaganda is selling people what they already have. However, if they don’t know they already have it, if they don’t...


02/07/2013 17:18

Follow the Money: The Secret Heart of the Secret State. The Deeper Implications of the Snowden Revelations

23/06/2013 23:13
Source: https://www.globalresearch.ca/ By Chris Floyd No one, anywhere, has been writing about the deeper and wider implications of the Snowden revelations than Arthur Silber. (I hope you’re not surprised by this.) In a series of powerful, insightful essays, Silber has, among other...

NSA and 911

23/06/2013 17:38

World War Z: Emergency Preparedness, United Nations, and Predictive Programming

22/06/2013 13:04
Guest Post: Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net  As summer heats up, so does the Hollywood box office. With so many remakes and sequels being made, it seems that no original plot can be written in Hollywood these days. World War Z is no exception; it is based on the zombie-apocalypse book of...

ICIJ Releases Offshore Leaks Database Revealing Names Behind Secret Companies, Trusts

15/06/2013 19:50

The Transnational Ruling Class Exposed

14/06/2013 18:23
1906transnat.pdf (162384) Please Download the PDF file

Spying on Americans before 9/11: NSA Built Back Door In All Windows Software by 1999

08/06/2013 23:41
Source: Washington's Blog     Government Built Spy-Access Into Most Popular Consumer Program Before 9/11 In researching the stunning pervasiveness of spying by the government (it’s much more wide spread than you’ve heard even now), we ran across the fact that the FBI wants software...

How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency

06/06/2013 23:49

Iraq Collapse Shows Bankruptcy of Interventionism

05/06/2013 16:58
By Ron Paul May was Iraq's deadliest month in nearly five years, with more than 1,000 dead – both civilians and security personnel – in a rash of bombings, shootings and other violence. As we read each day of new horrors in Iraq, it becomes more obvious that the US invasion delivered...

Seven Bankers That Never Miss Bilderberg

05/06/2013 16:39
Source: eFinancial Careers [...] Although banking and financial services regulation aren’t on the agenda, it seems that plenty of bankers and banks attend Bilderberg meetings on a regular basis. We’ve combed through attendee lists for the past five years and noted that some names and organisations...

What’s Causing the Riots and Violence in Turkey?

05/06/2013 16:19
Source: Washington's Blog   Peaceful Protesters Run Over and Killed by Tanks, Blinded and Brutalized What’s causing the widespread rioting and violence in Turkey … with army tanks running over and killing protesters, protesters losing eyes or otherwise being blinded, the widespread use of...

Field of dreams: A remarkable exhibition sheds new light on the dark history of the opium business

05/06/2013 16:14
Source The Independent Instruments of addiction are not supposed to be as exquisite as an opium pipe. Beautifully weighted and impeccably crafted, a 19th-century example from China, whether hewn from rough bamboo or shaped from elegant porcelain and finished with silver, is as sleek and deadly as...

The most embarrassing graph in American drug policy

30/05/2013 05:34
By Harold Pollack When it comes to drugs, it’s all about prices. The ability to raise prices is– at least is perceived to be–a critical function of drug control policy. Higher prices discourage young people from using. Higher prices encourage adult users to consume less, to quit sooner, or to seek...

How we've bred nutrition out of food

29/05/2013 16:15

Engineering Empire: An Introduction to the Intellectuals and Institutions of American Imperialism

28/05/2013 21:10
Source: Andrew Gavin Marshall, BLN Contributor   Educating yourself about empire can be a challenging endeavor, especially since so much of the educational system is dedicated to avoiding the topic or justifying the actions of imperialism in the modern era. If one studies political science...

Psychopathy, Politics and The New World Order

21/05/2013 01:47
  When attempting to analyse what is happening in the world, it is important to appreciate past economic, social and political processes that led us to where we are today. Understanding the tectonic plates of history that led certain countries towards fascism,...

More GMO Info and Links

21/05/2013 01:40
https://www.nongmoproject.org/ GMOs and Your Family Make informed choices about what your family is eating https://www.nongmoproject.org/learn-more/gmos-and-your-family/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To learn more about Monsanto, I...

The Intelligence of Mushrooms in Environmental Restoration

15/05/2013 11:24
Source: https://truththeory.com/ by Luz Grace Terranova Using Petrol-eating Mycelium in the Ecuadorian Amazon to Clean-up Toxic Oil Wastes The Mushroom: celebrated in infinite stories, enjoyed in billions of kitchens around the world, used for medicine and to invoke spiritual visions as long...

Top ten list: Tax evaders' wall of shame

12/05/2013 17:24
EASTON, Md. — April 11, 2011 — When you read about GE paying no corporate federal taxes in 2010 while getting a $3.2 billion rebate, does your blood start to boil?   If you listened to the corporate whining, you probably thought companies like GE paid 35% in federal taxes. Not so....

How to turn soda cans into solar panels

10/05/2013 20:49

The Seven Sinister Tentacles of “The Invisible Government”

09/05/2013 07:02
Don’t buy into the lie that “America is a free country.” There exists an “Invisible Government” that controls not only America but the world. Some call it the “New World Order” but “Old World Order” is more fitting because its Seven Sinister Tentacles have existed for years: 1) Banks, 2)...

List of Dead Scientists… Assassinated ??

08/05/2013 12:17
From: https://worldtruth.tv/ Died 2012 #119    Melissa Ketunuti, - died January 2013 - Firefighters find charred body of murdered pediatrician who was hog-tied, strangled and set on fire in her basement Dr. Kentunuti worked at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and dedicated her whole...


07/05/2013 04:41

Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy

06/05/2013 23:32
New documents prove what was once dismissed as paranoid fantasy: totally integrated corporate-state repression of dissent Police used teargas to drive back protesters following an attempt by the Occupy supporters to shut down the city of Oakland. Photograph: Noah Berger/AP Naomi Wolf It...

Guest Post: Study Reveals Thirty Toxic Chemicals at High Levels at Exxon Arkansas Tar Sands Pipeline Spill Site

06/05/2013 23:29
Source: Steve Horn, Desmog Blog   An independent study co-published by the Faulkner County Citizens Advisory Group and Global Community Monitor reveals that, in the aftermath of ExxonMobil's Pegasus tar sands pipeline spill of over 500,000 gallons of diluted bitumen (dilbit)into...

Corrupt Government Officials Use the Most Extreme Forms of Religion to Divide and Conquer Us

06/05/2013 23:27
Source: Washington's Blog   Preface: Fundamentalist Christians, Jews and Muslims all think they are in a “holy war” against the other guy. As shown below, fundamentalists are being manipulated by the powers-that-be – many of whom are actually atheists – as part of a divide-and-conquer...

Disastrous Libyan situation: the controlled destabilization of sovereign nations

06/05/2013 23:18
Source: Gulf News Is Libya still a country? A former colonial geographical unit, maybe yes. But little more: There is no state apparatus, no authority other than that of some tribal leaders. Add to that, there is no security. The surrounding of various ministries’ buildings by militias in the past...

The US government has been running a quantum Internet for over two years

06/05/2013 22:57
A longtime goal among cryptologists has been to perfect the “quantum Internet” — which, in the most basic way possible, uses the main principle of quantum mechanics to transfer communications from one point to another. Still confused? Technology Review explained it as easily as possible: “The...

Killing Civilians Is More Popular Than You'd Think–Especially Among Pundits

04/05/2013 12:08
By Jim Naureckas I came across this polling from Gallup (8/2/11) while I was looking to debunk the nutty idea that Muslim Americans never criticize terrorism. As the Gallup poll shows, of all religious groups surveyed–including nonbelievers–Muslims are the least likely to say it's OK to kill...

9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing as a Strategy of Tension

03/05/2013 00:56
Source: Peter Dale Scott Scholar and former diplomat Peter Dale Scott compares the events of September 11, the JFK assassination and the Oklahoma City bombing. He exposes the existence and continuity of a "deep state" behind the facade. Introduction: Structural Deep Events and the Strategy of...

Where is the world’s gold

03/05/2013 00:38
Source: Mufti Mubashir History says Gold goes to where it is respected.  98 percent of Gold at Federal Reserve Bank of New York is owned by central bank of foreign nations and 2 percent is owned by United States of America. Germany holds more than 3,000 tons of gold bullion,...

The 'monarchs of money' and the war on savers

01/05/2013 17:39
Source: CBC Quietly, without much public fuss or discussion, a new ruling class has risen in the richer nations. These men and women are unelected and tend to shun the publicity hogged by the politicians with whom they co-exist. They are the world's central bankers. Every six weeks or so,...

FBI Report Implicates Saudi Government in 9/11

01/05/2013 17:38
Source: Washington's Blog Cover Up of State-Sponsored Terror Unravels A 9/11 Commissioner and Co-Chair of the Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 say in sworn declarations that the Saudi government is linked to the 9/11 attacks. This week, the Miami Herald provided more evidence of a Saudi link: A...

The Propaganda System That Has Helped Create a Permanent Overclass Is Over a Century in the Making

01/05/2013 17:35
By A ndrew Gavin Marshall,  Blacklisted News Where there is the possibility of democracy, there is the inevitability of elite insecurity. All through its history, democracy has been under a sustained attack by elite interests, political, economic, and cultural. There is a simple reason...

What is CISPA, and Why Should You Care?

26/04/2013 02:14
VIEW ALL PHOTOS IN GALLERY A controversial cyber-security bill known as CISPA is once again in the news. The House approved the bill last week, and it now moves to the Senate, but opponents of the measure are not going down without a fight. Today, in fact, hacker collective Anonymous is...

The CIA’s “Founding” of Al Qaeda Documented

25/04/2013 23:11
The Muslim Terrorist Apparatus was Created by US Intelligence as a Geopolitical Weapon     Le Nouvel Observateur’s Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski      Originally published 15-21 January 1998 Translated by Jean Martineau (Editor’s Note:  The...

GMO Information & Links

23/04/2013 19:28
Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/530601366983038/ HELP Save your LIFE and the lives of future generations... Knowledge is power in making the right choices... please learn and tell your family and friends about GMO'S and Monsanto. (Make sure to view in the page comments) There is a lot more...

Reality is a psyop

22/04/2013 00:13
Activist Post Jack True was one of the most innovative hypnotherapists of our time. Largely unknown in academic circles, uninterested in publishing his work, Jack focused on his patients. We met in 1987. We became friends and colleagues. Over the course of several years, I interviewed him...

Who Is The Drug dealer?

21/04/2013 20:04
  Who is the drug dealer ? ~ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=540482589308577 ~ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=400421690056460 ~ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=360014310688740 ~ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=310682812288557 ~...

The Secret History of the Vietnam War

18/04/2013 22:48
Source: Vice If you thought you knew all there was to know about the Vietnam war, you’re wrong. For example: ever heard of the “mere gook rule,” a code of conduct the US military came up with in order to make it easier for soldiers to murder Vietnamese civilians without feeling too bad about it?...

The Feds don’t care about pot smokers; they just keep HEMP illegal in order to maintain the power, medicine, and fuel monopolies

17/04/2013 17:52
by S. D. Wells (NaturalNews) The Feds (federal government) couldn’t care LESS about pot smokers, and a bunch of people feeling happy and eating nachos late at night while talking about the universe and maybe a little “green” peace. In fact, the U.S. government only cares about keeping HEMP FARMING...

The Other Face Of Political Violence

17/04/2013 00:31
By Charles P. Pierce at 11:00AM Likely lost amid all lachrymose coverage of the act of political violence in Boston yesterday will be the release of a magisterial, non-partisan report concerning the decade of political violence organized and executed by the American government, and concerning...

Vote Rigging = Big Money and Big Power

16/04/2013 22:56
By Bev Harris permission to reprint or excerpt granted, with link to https://www.blackboxvoting.org Next time you hear that voting machines are reliable and safe "because they have been tested and certified," think of this important article, which reveals proven corruption, payoffs and bid-rigging...


14/04/2013 22:59
  Allen W. Dulles, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) wrote in “The Craft of Intelligence,” “sex and hard-headed intelligence operations rarely mix well.” Perhaps the boys at the Pentagon need a refresher course. This past week,...

Think You’re Operating on Free Will? Think Again

14/04/2013 18:17
  By Eben Harrell Studies have found that upon entering an office, people behave more competitively when they see a sharp leather briefcase on the desk, they talk more softly when there is a picture of a library on the wall, and they keep their desk tidier when there is a vague scent of...

How Thatcher helped Pol Pot

12/04/2013 17:18
  By John Pilger The corporate media will eulogise Margaret Thatcher, and criticise those who dare use her death to point out her many terrible crimes. But among her many crimes that will go unmentioned was the support her government gave in the 1980s to the genocidal Pol Pot-led...

How India Dented Big Pharma’s IP Monopoly

11/04/2013 22:55
Source: Economy Watch, Arjun Jayadev and Joseph Stiglitz The pharmaceutical industry has for years consolidated profits by advocating a stronger and ever inequitable global intellectual-property regime. The Indian Supreme Court’s refusal to uphold the patent on a blockbuster cancer drug, though...

The Wall Street Ticking Time Bomb That Could Blow Up Your Bank Account

11/04/2013 22:53
By Ellen Brown Alternet.org Cyprus-style confiscation of depositor funds has been called the “new normal.”  Bail-in policies are appearing in multiple countries directing failing TBTF banks to convert the funds of “unsecured creditors” into capital; and those creditors, it turns out, include...

How the Pentagon Used Video Games to Spy on Users Worldwide

11/04/2013 22:39

IRS claims they can read your e-mail and other electronic communications without a warrant

11/04/2013 22:37
By Madison Ruppert, End the Lie According to documents recently obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) believes they have the authority to read the private e-mail messages, Facebook chats and other online communications of Americans without...

Shell, Nestle, Monsanto and McDonald’s Have Biggest Private Spy Outfits

11/04/2013 22:35
Source: Disinfo Just as governments spy on activists, so do corporations. In an interview, investigative reporter Eveline Lubbers is asked which corporations have the most extensive intelligence-gathering operations. The answer (maybe) via Parapolitical.com: Royal Dutch Shell, Nestle,...

Media Still Hype Staged Toppling of Saddam Statue as Genuine

10/04/2013 20:55
Source: Antiwar The tearing down of Saddam Hussein's statue in 2003 was a propaganda event, choreographed by US psy ops Tuesday was the 10-year anniversary of the fall of Baghdad by invading US troops, marked infamously by the pulling down of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad’s...

Newsflash: Time May Not Exist

09/04/2013 17:25
Not to mention the question of which way it goes... By Tim Folger No one keeps track of time better than Ferenc Krausz. In his lab at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany, he has clocked the shortest time intervals ever observed. Krausz uses ultraviolet laser pulses...

Crimes against Humanity in Guatemala: How the CIA and the Pentagon Supported the Military Dictatorship

07/04/2013 17:55
Source: J. B. Gerald   “They seemed more than any other people to love their children”  – Bartolomé de las Casas In Guatemala the trial of Gen. Efraín Ríos Montt and his military intelligence chief, José Mauricio Rodríguez Sánchez, proceeds with testimonies of surviving Mayan...

Quantum Reality: The Limitless Potential Within Everything

06/04/2013 12:04
  by John Assaraf Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again. Nothing is solid. This is the world of Quantum Physics. They have proven that...

Corporations Fund the Elections of both Republicans and Democrats? Then I Must Be a Corporation: It’s the Internet Versus the Matrix

04/04/2013 23:35
By Michael Adzema (GNC Guest Post) Creating a (Not So) American Life, Part 6: Obvious “Truth” – Democrats and Republicans Are Equal? Internet Versus Matrix, and Magical Republicans I don’t know but if you’re hearing the same media and TV coverage that I am, you’re hearing that they’re equal. The...

Cannabis Cures Cancer! - Check out this huge list of testimonials

03/04/2013 00:07
  VIEW FULL LINKS HERE https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=473366809402903&set=a.440096002729984.103893.438021249604126&type=1&ref=nf CANNABIS KILLS CANCER Here is a massive list of cannabis extract testimonials (plus how to make oil) phoenixtears.ca The official...

Walmart's Death Grip on Groceries Is Making Life Worse for Millions of People (Hard Times USA)

30/03/2013 16:01
Walmart's growing control of our food system has been to intensify the rural and urban poverty that drives unhealthy food choices. Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com March 26, 2013  |...

Big Anniversaries That Remind Us of America's Dark Side -- Abu Graib, USA Patriot Act, My Lai Massacre -- Slipped by Too Easily

30/03/2013 16:00
We must strain to civilize ourselves and this country, and that means remembering our crimes against humanity. Photo Credit: shutterstock.com March 28, 2013  |             To...

The Day That TV News Died

30/03/2013 15:59
A good candidate would be Feb. 25, 2003, when MSNBC took Phil Donahue off the air because of his opposition to the calls for war in Iraq. March 28, 2013  |           I am not sure exactly when the death of...

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