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There Is NO Fixing The System

23/03/2013 11:51

Michael Tellinger -The Slave Species Revolts

21/03/2013 09:16

How to Defeat CISPA Once And For All!

15/03/2013 20:44

Top 5 Ways to Practice Non-Conformity in the Matrix

15/03/2013 01:06
Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer Waking Times The human mind is easily programmed, and human behavior is largely autonomous once the sub-conscious has a suggestion of what to do. By default, people seem inclined to  conform to the ideas,  environment and behaviors around them, at least...

A United World among America and all other Nations is Paramount in the Fight for Truth, Liberty, and Transparency against the New World Order

14/03/2013 13:16
In the first part of a new Meme changing series, Evan Batterton takes on the false media myth of hatred towards the U.S. By Evan Batterton (GNC Contributor)  A simple Google search of world opinion on the...

Judge tells police: Give the man his marijuana back

06/03/2013 22:02
TACOMA — Tacoma Municipal Court Judge Jack Emery may have set a precedent when he ordered police to give a man’s marijuana back to him. The News Tribune of Tacoma reported Friday that Emery agreed with the argument of  Joseph Robertson that police had no right to seize the less than 40 grams...

-After Aaron-- Late Activist's Campaign for Open Internet Continues at Freedom to Connect Conference

05/03/2013 00:16

New Worldwide Movement To Destroy As Many Security Cameras As Possible!

26/02/2013 00:57

Hemp legalization bills introduced to California legislature

24/02/2013 19:24
Topics: California ♦ legalize industrial hemp production Two California lawmakers, state Sen. Mark Leno (D) and state Assemblyman Allan Mansoor (R), introduced legislation on Friday to legalize industrial hemp production in the state. The bills, S.B. 566 and A.B. 1137, would allow...

Open Carry, law student owns cop who is ignorant to the law

24/02/2013 18:14

Open Letter to the Media: Call to Action

23/02/2013 22:26 If you are tired of all the lies and corruption that have plagued our magnificent planet for far too long, then this post is for YOU. (WASHINGTON DC) - To think that this whole story broke less than two months ago is...

Failing Economies Take Note: Iceland’s Silent Revolution May Hold the Solution to Financial Woes

22/02/2013 00:01
By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World A surprising twist. When the world first learned of the economic collapse in Iceland during 2008, many felt it would be yet another exercise in corruption, bailouts and crippling debt. News reports were prolific in those early...

Understanding the science of cannabis is integral to appropriate regulation and use

21/02/2013 10:49
(NaturalNews) Cannabis is a plant with demonstrable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, both aspects that point to its potential to be used as an anti-cancer drug. Cannabinoids have been used in tentative studies, demonstrating their ability to greatly reduce tumours, and cure cancer, in...

Brzezinski: “Populist Resistance” is Derailing the New World Order

20/02/2013 17:47
During a recent speech in Poland, former US National   Security Advisor  Zbigniew Brzezinski warned fellow elitists that a worldwide “resistance” movement to “external control” driven by “populist activism” is threatening to derail the move towards a new world order. Calling the...

Civil Disobedience: The Only “Weapon” We Have Remaining?

17/02/2013 17:21
By Camillo “Mac” Bica Information Clearing House February 16, 2013 Image by Lauriel-Arwen via Flickr Mario Cuomo, commenting on the political process, once observed, “You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose.” Though candidates for public office frequently campaign on a platform of change,...

Max Igan - The One People's Public Trust 1776 - A Round table Discussion

17/02/2013 07:44

CCTVandalism: 'Camover' game pokes Big Brother's eye in Germany

16/02/2013 14:23
An anarchist group is threatening a major rally in Berlin on Saturday against what it sees as a massive expansion of CCTV cameras in Germany. The movement's opposition against the ever encroaching Big Brother, turned from words to action long ago - with it becoming notorious for trashing street...

Hedges v. Obama, NDAA Part 1

12/02/2013 06:24
Lauren covers the February 6, 2013 hearing in the case of Hedges v. Obama in federal court in lower Manhattan. At contention is clause 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, which allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens without warrant. The plaintiffs give a press...

David Icke & John Harris - Peaceful Lawful Rebellion & Mass Non Compliance

07/02/2013 12:59
With Roger Hayes&Ray St.Clair music-World So Wrong - Emcee Killa Music-DJ Contacreast-Techno Dream Trance- The Light Is Shining.

NEVADA TO STOP ALL PAYMENTS TO IRS Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

02/02/2013 15:35
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These are statistics from the United States

Ideally, we would like to see Marujana arrests go down to zero

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