Careful What You Wish For! A Warning to Politicians, Police and the Military: You’re Building a Prison For Us all

26/05/2011 12:40

Neil Foster - The Sovereign Independent

These days it seems difficult to comprehend for many ordinary people why the world seems steeped in chaos, both financial and militaristic.

It feels as if the world is turning on its head as people’s finances pour down the drain of bailouts to private banks at the behest of corrupt governments across the world and armies invade countries in far off lands for increasing dubious reasons which have nothing to do with terrorism or any other ‘ism’ label those in positions of power wish to abuse in the name of a ‘holy crusade’ or ‘just war’. And forget ‘democracy’, if we ever had anything remotely resembling ‘democracy’ it disappeared down the memory hole along with the assumption that we had free speech and a free society.

We’ve not been ‘free’ in any true sense of the word for many a year and it’s only getting worse as tyranny is being imposed through the same corrupt governments, in cahoots with the same criminal banking Mafioso, robbing us of any wealth we may have left in our depleted bank accounts.

So, who is ensuring our demise in light of the obvious crimes being perpetrated upon the ordinary people?

It’s a sad indictment of our society these days that the very people who should be protecting us, the public who pay their wages, are the very people complicit in bringing about the tyrannical system of governance which we have been forced into under the guise of ‘protecting us’ from terrorists from those countries our moronic, yet elected, powerbrokers have plunged us into without ever asking the public for their opinion, or permission, to undertake such a fruitless adventure in terms of any benefit to the people supplying the invading hordes or indeed the victims of such violent and unacceptable, in any human context, invasions of sovereign nations who have never harmed us at all.

We continue to elect and pay astronomical sums to in terms of salaries, expense and perks, when time and again we have witnessed their lies, deceit and corruption repeated by every political party through decades, if not centuries, with corruption and criminality being normal and seemingly acceptable in their profession.

Why do we do that and why do we put up with it? Can’t people see that no amount of voting has ever changed anything for the betterment of society as a whole and has indeed continued to benefit the few at the expense of the many?

These politicians are of course only too well aware that eventually the public will react in some way, whether through the ballot box to vote them out, or as is being seem in Greece right now and to a lesser extent elsewhere, with violence.

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people do not wish to see, or take part in a violent uprising to oust criminal politicians and their corrupt colleagues in other powerful positions, such as the judiciary or the corporate and endemically corrupt business world. However, those charged with protecting the public are clearly not doing their jobs in terms of protecting the people from the actions of corrupt politicians and others which can only lead to further discontent amongst members of the public, some, if not many of whom, through desperation or simply the wish to ‘get even’ will resort to violence and I don’t think I’d like to be in the firing line of an angry mob, hell-bent on taking revenge for the dire circumstances they find themselves in thanks to the corruption and greed  of those in power.

The first people to be the targets of such angry mobs will be those they deem responsible for their troubles, namely every politician in the country. These politicians must understand that the general public know where they live and that they are going to be left to face the consequences of their actions or inactions when they had ample opportunity to respect the wishes of the people and act on their behalf.

When the rope is thrown over the lamp post and the noose tightened around their necks it’ll be too late for apologies.

Will the police stand by and allow this scenario to play out or will they step into the breach to protect corrupt and willing accomplices in the destruction of their country or will they finally step forward to act as they swore to act in the defence of the people?

I’d seriously advise them to do the latter as there are many people, many yards of rope and plenty of lamp posts for anyone stupid enough to take on millions of angry and desperate human beings who simply want to live as free men and women without the threat of despotism on their doorsteps.

Again, the police are our servants, to protect, serve and uphold the law of the land for us, the general public and not corrupt and illegitimate governments run by an unelected Soviet institution in Brussels.

It’s time the police stepped forward and simply carried out their sworn duties instead of acting like whimpering children under the system which will ultimately also destroy them and their families.

Of course there are many in the police service, or should I say ‘authority’ who will relish this dawning of despotism and see it as an opportunity to inflict sadistic power over their fellow man. Indeed they are being trained to see their fellow man as an enemy of the state and by association, their enemy.

These individuals, who will act outside any law to enforce whatever Draconian or Orwellian dictats on the people will however find themselves outnumbered by the general public and I would hope by those ordinary, decent police officers who will understand that ‘law enforcement’ through the use of brutal, totalitarian methods is unacceptable in our modern society and I would hope that these ordinary decent police officers would step forward to remove their sadistic and quite frankly moronic fellow police ‘enforcers’ from any position of authority over the general public.

However, if police officers do not do their duty to the public and simply act on tyrannical and brutal orders handed down from their corrupt superiors or equally if not more so corrupt politicians, then they will also find themselves facing the wrath of, what I hope would be, an ever increasing number of dissatisfied members of the general public. Faced with such overwhelming odds I would hope, for the sake of the safety of those given the task of peace keeping, namely police officers, that they would see the futility of what they are doing and side with the people against totalitarian edifices and bring them crashing down.

Failing that there is the final hope that the military would step forward to remove such illegitimate law enforcement agencies and restore law and order on behalf of the public prior to any reorganization of the political system.

They are our only hope if the worst comes to the worst. There will of course be good and bad within the military forces in much the same way as there are in our police forces.

It is upto those good, decent people in whatever capacity they are employed in, to reinstitute sound government whose power lies solely in the hands of the people without outside interference from any organisation, whether financial or political which can be removed by the people at the first sigh of a return to despotic and tyrannical aspirations.

Without some form of ‘revolution’ by the people which I dearly hope will come about in a non-violent way, those in authority will suffer the consequences of their dastardly deeds at the hands of those who have suffered as a result.

If they don’t act soon to purge this corruption form our lives and allow a new system of government, by the people and for the people, then they will find themselves, and their families, on the end of a rope or living in a prison of their own construction.

It’s up to those who have it within their power to prevent this. I urge you to step forward and take up the challenge to bring about the end of tyranny and to hopefully begin a process to create a society which is fair, honest and just for everyone involved.

The few have had their way with the many for far too long.

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