Here’s How To See What Google Knows About You and How to Disable it

18/11/2014 04:39

You must have heard this phrase: “NOTHING COMES FOR FREE IN THIS WORLD” Our article today will make you understand the logic behind this phrase. So, let’s get rolling!, this website is now an integral part of nearly every household on this planet and interestingly nearly every user thinks he/she has been using this website for free. But, he/she is totally wrong/unaware of the agreement signed by them while signing up for any of the Google’ product.

Google does charge a fee/royalty from users availing its services!  Well, you must be wondering when was the last time you paid Google a fee? No clue? Let us clear your thoughts, you pay Google a fee/royalty every second you are using it.  Huh! You must be thinking by now the writer is joking/wasting time. But, it is true; Google gets access to all the information regarding your searches, video views, like/dislikes and etc once you are logged in.

But, how to check the amount of data Google has on you? Well, it’s simple, we will guide you step up step and you can follow us!

Step 1: Go to this link:

Step 2: Click on “Account history”

Step 3: Scroll down and click on “edit settings” in front of Ads

Step 4: You will see a page with all the stuff Google knows about you

Simple Solution:

It looks like this


Simple click on Pause to disable the search saving by Google. If you can’t see any pause button then you are lucky and the search saving feature is already disabled ;)


The information on the page is used by Google to make their ad products better and interactive. Amazingly, all the information on the page you would never had intended to share with Google but Google received it via agreement you signed while signing up with one of its products.

Though it is impossible to read every line, but still do read all the agreements you sign online from next time around and do not forget to share this article with your friends. So, stay tuned and keep reading at!

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