How and Why the USA Has Sponsored Terrorism in the Mid East Since at Least 1948

05/09/2014 22:58

Source: Robert Barsocchini



  • The USA started carrying out coups, assassinating leaders, and sponsoring terrorism and extremists in Syria in 1948, continuing to the present moment, as everyone knows, under Obama.  Examples, provided by David North:
    • “The Eisenhower administration was troubled by the popularity of the “progressive front,” which was backed by elements in the Syrian army led by Colonel Adnan Malki. The United States was particularly angry that Malki’s faction opposed Syrian membership in the anti-Soviet Baghdad Pact, modeled on NATO, which the Eisenhower administration set up in January 1955. On April 22, 1955, Malki was assassinated while attending a soccer match by a member of the pro-US and right-wing Syrian Social National Party. An official investigation into the assassination found that the US was a major supporter and financier of the SSNP. It was well known that the SSNP had close ties with the CIA.”
    • “Working closely with its counterparts in British intelligence, the CIA and the British SIS developed Operation Straggle. In what appears today to be an early model of the present US-orchestrated “rebel” insurgency [in Syria]:”
      • “The original CIA-SIS plan appears to have called for Turkey to stage border incidents, British operatives to stir up the desert tribes, and American agents to mobilize SSNP guerillas, all of which would trigger a pro-Western coup by “indigenous anticommunist elements within Syria” supported, if necessary, by Iraqi troops. What Washington perceived as a deteriorating situation in Damascus made Straggle more and more attractive. [Little, p. 66]“
    • “The coup planned by the CIA was scheduled to take place on October 25, 1956. The CIA had provided $150,000 to the conspirators.”
    • Dr. Noam Chomsky notes (and here): “The US at that time had three major crisis areas, according to the internal discussions, all in Islamic countries, all in oil-producers. One was Indonesia, one was Algeria, one was basically Iraq — the Iraqi region. Those were the three crises. It was made explicit in the internal meetings. In fact, Eisenhower, vociferously, according to the minutes, insisted on this: there was no Russian involvement. The enemy is indigenous nationalism. In fact, that’s true throughout the Cold War, but very explicit then, and Eisenhower did discuss it with his staff…”
      • The USA’s sponsorship of terrorism in Syria and everywhere in the Mid East and globally was maintained with complete continuity after the fall of the Soviet Union, exhibiting how much that empty pretext was worth.  Pretexts will always be updated to pacify an uninformed public into accepting elite marauding and plunder, and even get them to naively cheer it on.


  • In the late 1970s, the USA started supporting Islamic terrorists to carry out atrocities in Afghanistan to induce the Soviet Union to intervene to protect its client government.  Obama’s mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski planned to give Russia “its Vietnam”, meaning the US wanted to start another war that would pile up millions of corpses and be costly for Russia (which Obama is trying today in Ukraine).  After three official requests from the Afghan government, the Soviet Union answered and invaded, and thus the US succeeded in its goal as some two million corpses were piled up in the brutal war.

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