Libya: Reuters Hoaxes The World–EXPOSED! (Part 1)

11/03/2011 08:41


by Chris & Sheree

March 9, 2011

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For Immediate Release:

As we’ve been watching the conflict in Libya play out exactly like the war in Iraq, and being keen to their tricks and tactics, we began examining pictures, videos and other evidence to lead us to the conclusion that this entire ordeal is a CIA-backed coup. We believe there is actually very little conflict (if any) aside from the false flags perpetuated by the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD in a UN takeover of the region. Considering the  internet blackout disabling the people’s ability to speak,  Russia Today’s interviews with the people of Libya, and the great oracle John McCain’s prophecy that Gaddofi will bomb his own oil reserves, a clearer picture began to form.

The first huge red flag was a picture by Reuter’s photojournalist Asmaa Waguih with the caption:

“Protester looks at the pictures of protesters who were killed during the last few days during the uprising against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Benghazi city, Libya, February 23, 2011.”

This photo is posted on several blogs across the internet with the caption and credits to Reuters. At first glance the photo looks convincing but looking at it for more than one second, a huge mistake sticks out. The date, 06/29/1996 with the number 1200 is printed right next to it. If this is a picture of “a protester looking at photos of protesters who were killed  during the last few days”, then what does the date mean??

On June 29, 1996, there was a massacre at Abu Salim (also spelled Abu Slim) Prison and the families have been demanding justice. The picture is from a memorial commemorating the victims and NOT as the captions claim.



MORE INFORMATION: The protest allegedly took place in February 2011. A clearer picture of this “wall” is found on Wikipedia. We understand wikipedia is not a 100% reliable source of information but the picture allows us to see the banner much more clearly. Click Here.

However, protests have occurred many times in the past for the exact same cause. There is NO TELLING WHEN these pictures took place however the point is to determine WHAT the pictures depict, not WHEN the pictures took place.


The 1996 Abu Salim Prison Massacre

In December 2008, Libyan authorities started informing the families of the 1,200 prisoners killed on June 29, 1996, in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison of the death of their relatives, by issuing death certificates (without specifying the cause of death, in many cases). This followed the June and September 2008 decisions by the North Benghazi Court ordering the government to reveal the fate of those who had died. The Libyan authorities have offered compensation of 200,000 dinars (US$162,000) to families who agree to relinquish all legal claims, but most of the victims’ families in Benghazi have refused to accept compensation on those terms and continue to call for disclosure of what occurred on the day of the killings and criminal accountability for those responsible. The authorities have not made public any account of the events or held anyone responsible. On September 6, 2009, the acting secretary of defense established a seven-judge investigation panel, headed by a former military tribunal judge, to conduct an investigation.


We searched for this photo and found countless blogs (from the Examiner to small unknown blogs) displaying this photo and caption. We brought this to the attention of our good friend, Jack Blood, for his professional opinion on how to proceed. As we had thought, he stated that the only way this would be newsworthy is if we found the original Reuters link. So we began “following the breadcrumbs”.

At first, the search for the original photo seemed hopeless. The only references we were able to find were the small obscure blogs  circulating the photo.

As we dug deeper, we found deleted articles from Yahoo! News in the “cached” section with the exact same caption! The problem was, the picture was not the same but the date and caption matched perfectly. Why was the article being scrubbed? Another interesting occurrence was that the the link to the scrubbed article disappeared the minute we came across it. Luckily we were able to capture a screenshot in time! The original link is here but again, the link is dead.

The search continued and we were FINALLY able to find the Reuters link containing this caption and picture -click here. There was one huge problem, however ; The picture was not full-screen and could not be examined properly. You’ll have to scroll down about 3/4th of the way through the page.


PLEASE NOTE: To avoid any confusion let me say that the two photos (top and bottom) do not focus on the same part of the wall. You can see in the top photo that the wall is comprised of multiple banners in a tile-like manner. There are 60 visible photos and 1200 slaughtered prisoners which leads one to believe the “wall” is comprised of a dozen or so banners spanning 50, 100, maybe 200 ft.

Also, the source of the photos are NOT coolpix. Coolpix happened to be the only source that carried the full size images that we could analyze and post so you can analyze for yourself.


The search continued for the full-size image and we finally were able to locate it and compare it with the image posted on Reuters. Comparing the two photos, we noticed the text below the most prominent photo was blurry and unreadable. Luckily the full size photo was very clear and you can view the full size photo by clicking on the photo or clicking here. In case they scrub the article, the screen-shot is available on the left.


As you can see, what Reuters conveniently blurred out are actually dates. But what do these dates mean? If this picture is actually “protesters looking at photos of protesters who were killed in the last few days” then we must assume the dates are the birth dates of the protesters. But as you can see from the text we added to the photos, the dates cannot possibly be birth dates.  Does the man with the mustache (and blue background) look 16 years old to you?

MAJOR UPDATE: After a bit of sleep and a fresh look at the photos we figured out where the above photo is from. It is from the SAME MEMORIAL as the first picture! Notice the top right hand corner of the picture and there you will find the date….. 1996! Therefore we have concluded that the dates are the dates the slaughtered prisoners were incarcerated. They cannot be birth dates if the memorial is commemorating the prisoners slaughtered at Abu Salim on 06/29/1996. Many of these are apparent MUGSHOTS! (No smiles!)


We are concluding that Reuters posted the original photo, but when it was pointed out as too much of an apparent fraud they replaced the photo with the one you see above and made sure the dates were properly blurred out.

As many of you know, the US media is not above staging news stories and perhaps even entire wars! One example is the infamous CNN coverage of the Gulf War which was filmed in front of a BLUE SCREEN!

Furthermore, this brings me to recall the interview with Corey Rowe, maker of Loose Change who describes his experience in Afghanistan and how Fox News filmed a “cold mission” then broadcast it to the world as “Battle On The Border: US Troops Engaging Insurgents On The Pakistani Border”.

Libya is currently under complete internet blackout and the people are unable to speak out about the conditions there ; However, one thing is clear: Gaddafi was preparing to take away the oil rights from the big oil companies and give the profits to his people. Free health care for your people from the oil revenues?? Well Mr. Gaddafi, we can’t have that, now can we?! How dare you try to give your people the wealth of their own national resources. Ask Hugo Chavez, we won’t put up with that, mister! Or maybe it’s simply a matter of the George Carlin Foreign Policy at work.

Regardless, Truth Frequency News will be there to point out all of the inconsistencies, videos of battles with no enemies, and MI6 agents leading the “protests”. Stay tuned for part 2 because we’ve only just begun!!!

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