No Proof Has Been Offered Suggesting That The Official Osama Bin Laden Death Narrative Is Even Remotely True

05/05/2011 18:22

By Lee Rogers

There has been an endless amount of propaganda coming out dealing with the official Osama Bin Laden death narrative but there hasn't been one shred of evidence proving that these events actually transpired as we are being told they did.  We are just expected to believe whatever the corporate controlled media propagandists and the criminal government bureaucrats tell us even though there has been zero proof brought forward suggesting that anything they are saying is true.  The White House has even changed several significant details of the official story which raises a number of questions about the credibility of anything pertaining to these alleged events.  In fact, this story has been so sloppily put together that one has to wonder if they are intentionally doing this so that people around the world will start to believe that the story is a lie which will result in more people around the world despising the United States.

What's so sick about this is that we were told that several high level members of the administration including Barack Obama himself were personally keeping track of the supposed raid that allegedly resulted in Bin Laden's death.  We were told that the raid was for all intents and purposes conducted under Obama's personal direction.  If that is indeed the case, why is there so much confusion over significant details surrounding the events of Bin Laden's supposed death such as if he was or wasn't armed or if his wife did or didn't charge at one of the Navy Seals?  These are details of which there should have been no question about especially considering what importance has been placed on the capture or death of this man since the 9/11 attacks.  Especially when you consider that all of the major power players in the Obama administration were said to be monitoring these events in real time.  It really does appear as if this is manufactured confusion on the part of the establishment so that various conspiracies are automatically given more credibility.

On top of this, Obama himself has stated in a 60 Minutes interview set to air this weekend that he will not release any Osama Bin Laden death photos because he claims the images would be used as a propaganda tool by terrorists.  So this either means that the photos don't exist or they don't want to release manufactured fakes.  Either way, this is one of many refusals to provide proof of the alleged events. 

We were even told they were able to perform a DNA analysis on Bin Laden's body and in just a matter of hours they some how knew conclusively that it was in fact his body.  Then just 24 hours after the raid they decide to dump his body into the sea.  This is a very short period of time for there to have been enough scientific testing to provide 100% conclusive confirmation that they did in fact have Bin Laden's body.  The claims of the United States wanting to respect Islamic tradition by burying him at sea 24 hours after his death because no country would take his body is complete hogwash.  How many people of Islamic faith has the United States military killed over the past 10 years who were not given this sort of special treatment?  Yet for the alleged number one most wanted terrorist in the world we afford him this privilege?  This is an obvious lie because a target of Bin Laden's value would never have been handled this way.  It would have been taken back to a medical facility for a proper autopsy and a myriad of scientific tests.  They would have also allowed independent experts from other countries to examine the body if they were really interested in providing proof to the world that they had killed Bin Laden in the fashion that the official story claims.  Clearly, this story about them dumping his body into the sea was made up because they probably never had his body to begin with.  Either way, this phony story ensures that other countries won't come out demanding that an independent analysis of the body be carried out.

Also, what of Seal Team 6 who supposedly conducted the raid that killed Bin Laden?  We are told that these men are going to remain nameless and faceless.  Again, we see the establishment unwilling to provide the world proof that these events actually transpired as they said they did.  If anyone would know the truth of what actually happened, it would be one of the Navy Seals that allegedly conducted the raid and that's exactly why we don't see anybody from Seal Team 6 being brought on television for an interview.

Additionally, not one person in the surrounding area is confirmed to have actually seen Bin Laden where the alleged raid was said to have taken place.  Even the operatives who were supposedly watching the building never saw him.  Even more curious is that a Pakistani official said it looked like no fire fight had taken place at the compound despite the fact that the official story claimed a roughly 40 minute fire fight had taken place at that location.

Simply put, there has been no proof offered that this particular event transpired as they said it did and judging from their actions, they are unwilling to provide any.  They just want us to believe them no matter how bizarre the circumstances surrounding the story might be.  For all we know, Bin Laden could be living on an island drinking liquor with Pat Tillman and everything we've been told including alternative explanations surrounding Bin Laden's death including the previous news of him being on a kidney dialysis machine could all be a lie.  This whole event is nothing more than one big manufacturered illusion.

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