Obama Uses The Dead For Political Gain In Staged Psychological Operation

15/01/2011 05:43

Source: www.roguegovernment.com - By Lee Rogers

Yesterday's memorial service for the victims of the Arizona shooting massacre was turned into a disgusting staged political rally by Barack Obama.  It should be entirely obvious that this event was scripted as a means for political gain.  Ever since the shooting which appears to have been a staged operation in its own right we have seen calls for more gun control and limits on free speech.  It was entirely ridiculous to see Obama delivering supposed breaking news that Representative Gabby Gifford who was shot in the head during the rampage and in critical condition since the shooting had opened her eyes.  This obviously staged moment of Obama delivering this news in front of a live televised audience caused all of the Obama cult members in attendance to cheer wildly like a bunch of brain dead zombies. 

If all of that wasn't ridiculous enough, the powers that be managed to deliver thousands of propaganda t-shirts that said "Together We Thrive" that were given to many who attended the memorial service.  One has to wonder how these people were able to get thousands of these t-shirts printed off and delivered in only a matter of days considering that the shooting only occurred this past weekend.  Could this be more evidence that the rampage shooting over the weekend was staged?  Even though that is suspicious enough in its own right, this public relations stunt coupled with the insane t-shirt slogan is proof enough that the Obama administration was using this event only as a means to promote the collective political ideology of the globalists.





Beyond all of this, it is entirely hypocritical for Obama to be using the dead in a cheap political stunt. This guy is responsible for continuing the fraudulent endless terror war which has resulted in an untold number of dead in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has even authorized attacks from unmanned aerial vehicles in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region which has also resulted in the death of many people including women and children.  Yet, we are supposed to believe that this guy is sincere when he grandstands at this memorial service acting as if he cares about the victims of this shooting?  It is funny how the government and corporate media humanize the victims of this shooting and other staged terror events like the 9/11 attacks but when a bunch of people are killed in a U.S. military drone attack these stories might only get a 30 second mention on the nightly news broadcasts.  They only humanize these events if they have an ulterior motive behind it.  The harsh reality is that none of these people really give a shit about any of the people who got killed in these shootings. 

Maybe if Obama wasn't destroying everything that at one time made this country great there wouldn't be so many Americans pissed off at him.  Everything Obama has done since he got into office has been against the people and against the principles of individual freedom.  Look at what his Department of Homeland Security has done with airport security in its justification of naked body scanners and the molestation of passengers.  Or look at the phony health care bill Obama signed into law which gives draconian government authority over health care and forces people to buy health insurance.  Then later on the Obama administration grants exemptions to this law to big corporations like McDonalds.  Yet despite all of this and so much more he wants us to thrive together in some sort of show of unity?  Maybe we should ask the family members of the dead women and children he's responsible for killing overseas and ask them how they feel about that.

The bottom line is that Obama is a complete shit bag for transforming a memorial event into a political rally.  How much do you want to bet that people in the Obama administration actually had wished Representative Giffords had died.  It would have been better for their unity propaganda trash that they are trying to shovel down our throats.  Can you imagine how much legislation they could pass in the name of a dead House Representative versus one that is still amongst the living? 

But regardless of all of that, there is no question that this rampage shooting is going to be used for quite sometime to push ahead a massive restriction on individual freedom.  So as a result Obama and the terrorist clowns in his administration that seek to do this deserve nothing less than a big middle finger shoved right in their face.  They're the ones being divisive by justifying all of this assorted anti-freedom nonsense.



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