Parasite Banksters and Puppet Politicians Will Destroy Us All, But Only If We Let Them!

09/03/2011 22:04

By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent -

As I read this article I got extremely angered and frustrated. Angered because people are going to be struggling in already desperately worrying financial times and frustrated because they are actually going to put up with it!

You see, there’s a very simple solution to this and that is for everyone to stop paying these criminal bankers another penny in mortgage payments and thus put them completely out of business and out of our lives once and for all. There are apparently 60,000 families struggling to pay mortgages now. If they all stopped paying right now, and the rest of those with mortgages simply joined them in default, the system would collapse. This would benefit every mortgage holder in the country!

The banks are nothing less than a cabal of criminal organisations. Of that I think most rationally minded people would agree these days. They’ve openly fleeced the public in Britain, Ireland, America and the wider world and given themselves massive multi million Euro/Pound/Dollar bonuses even whilst making massive fraudulent ‘losses’.

They are refusing to lend the same money they stole from the public in criminal ‘bail outs’ back to the public and using it to buy up other lucrative businesses whilst leaving the public picking up the tab for bailing them out in their taxes which are being imposed upon them by criminal government lackeys who are simply working for these same bankers.


So again, the ONLY solution is for EVERYONE, not just those struggling to pay their mortgages, to stop paying these crooks before they ruin all of us. Believe me, if you can still afford to pay your mortgage now, there’s every chance you won’t be able to in the near future as these criminal banking elites ratchet up interest rates and the politicians ratchet up taxes to pay the bankers even more of the YOUR money.

Why should they and our corrupt politicians be the ones to gain at the expense of the ‘austere’ taxpayer? Well that’s a simple question to answer. The system is set up that way!

These are the same politicians we pay exorbitant sums to in salaries whilst they rip us all off with fraudulent expenses claims and who then walk off with a huge pension, paid for by you again, after a paltry 5 years ‘work’ for the simple task of lying to and cheating the public out of every penny and right they once thought they had.

They engage in wars of terror on sovereign nations and destroy the health of and murder our own troops plus hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, using not only vaccines but munitions such as depleted uranium which also causes major birth defects in their offspring. Is anyone in the military paying attention?

These politicians and bankers are all following the same agenda yet the ever dwindling voting population keeps putting the crooks back into power to continue their circus charade of ‘democracy’ to keep the voting public in the dark about what’s really going on.

We all know the institution of ‘government’ we have is corrupt to the core so why do any of us bother to give it legitimacy by voting for it or indeed taking part in the system at all?

It’s time for all of this to stop. The money system we have at present must be brought down by any means at our disposal. This means the withdrawal of all money from the system and non-payment of all monies which are avoidable or necessary for our own survival. We need our own legitimate monetary system backed by something of real worth or we simply use the barter system which has worked for millenia in many parts of the world and still does today in what are commonly referred to as the more ‘primitive’ cultures. These so called ‘primitive’ cultures are I would suggest, a lot happier with their lives, having not been exposed to the corruption we’ve all been subjected to, than most of us today faced with financial ruin, poor health and having our lives ruled by thieves and liars.

If people simply stopped paying their mortgages tomorrow, then no amount of police enforcement officers will be able to cope with mass action of this kind as hundreds of thousands of mortgage holders simply default on their payments. There are not enough bailiffs to evict us all. We can also set up a network of hundreds of contacts in our areas who can be called upon at the press of a button to turn up at your door to prevent any such action taking place. It is only then that the system will realise that it is in serious trouble and that it would be wise to back off.

This is doable!

It is time we stood together to rid our society of these parasites who are hell bent on destroying any semblance of freedom, whether financial or otherwise, of the people, to suit their own goal of total control and domination of the human race.

If the politicians want ‘austerity’ then let’s give them ‘austerity’ but let’s do it on our terms. Let’s not be dictated to by criminals any longer. Start saving food and all other essentials while you can still afford to do so because I can assure you that these psychopaths have no scruples about causing a food shortage to bring in rationing to basically starve people to death. They will do this if we allow it. Once prepared we simply stop buying as much as possible to bring the system down through its own inherent weakness. The beast of money needs fed. Let’s starve it of its essential nutrients!

Once the bankers are brought to their knees then our politicians will have no protection from them and they will have to justify their actions to a public calling for their heads. Only then will we see them for the whimpering cowards they are as their shield of immunity is dismantled under the common law of the land. The public will then decide their fate to the full extent of the law which will reflect the severity of their crimes against us.

This not only affects those currently holding the reins of power but also all those who have betrayed the people in the past and have lived extremely profitable lives on the backs of those they’ve helped subjugate.

The current monetary debt system is the root of all the evil being perpetrated on humanity today. It has been this way for centuries.

Let’s not allow it to continue!

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