President Obama Broke The Law For Reasons of World State

13/04/2011 05:58

Source: The Excavator

Whatever your opinions and beliefs are about the war against Gaddafi, if you believe that popular consent, the social contract, and checks and balances in government are good ideas that should not be erased from history then you can not be a supporter of President Obama, other Western leaders, NATO, and the United Nations because they exercised arbitrary power and manipulated global public sympathy to advance their agenda in Libya.

There is no question that Gaddafi had to be overthrown, but it is not right for international coalitions to do the job of the Libyan people. The West would have reacted with indignation and scorn if the Libyan people had reached out to Russia or China or Iran to liberate them from their tyrant. It doesn’t make it right just because the West is doing the overthrowing.

If Obama, Sarkozy, Harper, and Cameron were Putin, Ahmadinejad, Jintao, and Chavez you wouldn’t hear so-called humanitarians like Samantha Power preaching about human rights and genocide in Libya. Instead, there would be talk of Chinese imperialism, Islamic fascism, Russian aggression, and a Communist coup.

If NATO’s cause was as noble and pure as they like the Western public to believe then they would have crafted words to address our logical and rational side instead of using emotion-based propaganda to get us to support their mission to oust another dictator in the world. So-called international humanitarians and UN liberators who want to get rid of every tyrant they hate are the biggest tyrants in the world.

What the war in Libya shows is that the U.S. constitution is treated like a piece of paper by the White House, CIA, Pentagon, and Congress. The American people have no voice in their government. Neither do the Canadian people, the British people, and the people of every other nation whose troops are currently fighting in Libya, Afghanistan, and other “humanitarian” wars which are unjust and criminal.

Former Congressman Paul Findley, co-founder of the Council for the National Interests, says in his article ‘Obama’s Fateful Abuse of War Powers’ that President Obama is in violation of the law and the United States constitution. Findley writes:


From the start, Obama proceeded in a cavalier, almost casual manner. In announcing war measures in Libya, he mentioned neither Congress nor the U.S. Constitution. He did not even return to Washington from a visit in South America to make the announcement. He acted as if war-making is a routine privilege a president may undertake entirely at his option, like shaving or adjusting his necktie, without even a wink or nod toward the people’s branch of government. To this day Congress has not authorized acts of war in Libya.

Obama acted like a king but he too is a slave to higher-ups who pull his strings, and who have spent decades designing and implementing a new world order system under which people are treated as slaves, police have unlimited power to arrest and repress protests, and countries that resist like Iran are demonized, invaded, and conquered.

Many of us are not blind to these facts. Our countries have been subverted from within, and our national government institutions no longer represent the interests of the people, but, instead, the interests of a small global class of corporate looters, and financial thieves who preach free-market economics but in practice they are fascist monopolists and authoritarians.

The war against Libya followed the pattern of previous NATO-led wars. It was not accident that Obama didn’t consult members of Congress. The message he wanted to sent to the American people is that Congress is not as necessary as it used to be, and that the President can act like a tyrant and a king towards other nations if they are led by tyrants and kings, too.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery.”

We will all become permanent slaves to the new world order system if we do not collectively fight back, and bring the criminal banks and corporations and the politicians who defend them to justice. We cannot reclaim our nations through federal elections, not in Canada, or England, or the United States of America. Congress and Parliament are routinely misled, deceived, ignored, and prevented from entering important discussions involving major national commitments such as a war or trade agreements with regional partners. For all intents and purposes, democratic self-governance is dead in the West, at least in their current form. Congress and Parliament are viewed as defunct national bodies by the transnational elites who have designed a new global authoritarian system behind closed doors, without the knowledge and consent of the people and their representatives.

This new global authoritarian system, disguised behind vague academic language like “global governance,” is here to stay so as long as we do not resist it with our minds, our pens, our voices, and our feet.

U.S.-Canada security and trade integration will move along regardless of which party wins in the upcoming Canadian federal election. As Dana Gabriel writes:

In Canada, whether it’s the Conservative or Liberal party holding the reigns of power and in the U.S., a Democrat or Republican in the White House, deep North American integration continues unabated.

It is not acceptable that in matters of war, security, and trade the people of America, Canada, and Europe have no say. If we do not resist the transnational thieves who masquerade as “elites”, there will be an authoritarian North American Union, whether it is called by that name or not by our so-called elected leaders. It will follow the example of the European Union which has failed as a transnational body because it is tyrannical, and highly unpopular with the citizenry in Europe.

The struggle to reverse the slide into transnational despotism and prevent Third World-like conditions from becoming permanent in our countries will be a hard and long one, and require many sacrifices. But what choice do we have? Live as slaves? That is not how I want to live. It is a basic truth of history that no people can vote out a tyrant, or vote out a tyrannical system. It can’t be done in Iran, and Libya, and it can’t be done in America, Canada, and Europe. Non-violent civil disobedience is one of the tactics we can use to create genuine, democratic, and long lasting changes for the good. Freedom can’t be won at the ballot box. It never has and it never will. Freedom can only be won on the streets of our cities, and in the minds of our neighbours. We will defeat the totalitarian plans of the transnational tyrants who like to think of themselves as global humanitarians and enlightened elites through education and peaceful collective action, not voting.

If we fail to reject and reverse our governments’ push towards a corrupt and despotic world state then that would be a slap in the face to all the brave and honorable fighters and soldiers who thought they were fighting for freedom in World War II, World War I, the Vietnam War, and all the other wars in the last century. The United Nations was built on their blood and sacrifice, so it is only right that we honor their memory, sacrifice for freedom as they did, and make the “free world” really free.

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