The Arab Spring Trap Has Been Sprung

07/09/2011 14:11

By Michael Vail(CEO of StratRisks LLC)

The global media conglomerates have done nothing for their customers besides keeping them pitifully unaware of the world around them. The mockingbirds sing their tune and the great unwashed masses regurgitate their information to their family and friends who should also should be shamed publicly for being completely obtuse. In keeping with Miller’s law the media repeats certain phrases ad nauseum such as war on terror, Arab spring, kinetic military action, boots on the ground and so many more so that we remember them and add them to our vernacular. You will find people using these slogans in conversations repeatedly until it becomes a conditioned reflex. You can trot out these phrases without needing to know the any more about the subject.

“Another particularly evocative symbol is the slogan, which contains the demands, the expectations, hopes of the mass and at the same time expresses the established values of a group…That is why the slogan flourishes in times of crisis, war and revolution. It explains also the attraction the slogan has: thanks to it, the individual is not intellectually lost. He clings to it not only because the slogan is easy to understand and to retain, but also because it permits him to find himself in it.” –Jacques Ellul, Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes

Let’s look at this strange phenomena called the ‘Arab Spring’. On the surface it looks like a populist uprising, young eager masses yearning to be free. As the television is ubiquitous it makes it all too easy for most of the world to consume customized images and information continuously. This substantial spoon feeding by the media could make the Bolshevik Revolution look like Gandhi battling British Imperialism. Public Relations experts are the vanguard in this revolution and just like the Rendon Group came up with the idea of the Iraqi people taking down Saddam’s statue and destroying it  We dance to their tune as they create other realities for other nations.

“Only through concentration in a few hands of a large number of media can one attain a true orchestration, a continuity, and an application of scientific methods of influencing individuals. A state monopoly, or a private monopoly, is usually effective. Such a situation is in the making in the United States, France and Germany–the fact is well known.” –Jacques Ellul, Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes

It is said that we are ‘exporting democracy’ to the rest of the world. This has been the case when you look at the colour revolutions in Eurasia. All of this talk of exporting democracy from an American Republic. As we have seen in these revolutions in Egypt and Jordan there is not much benefit to the people besides the musical chairs game, and the policies of those nations have virtually remained the same. It has been said by many strategists that Turkey is the model for a Muslim secular democracy. Turkey is not and has never been a democracy!  The military of Turkey has used their constitutional authority to control their domestic and foreign policies. Those powers have only slightly been curbed in recent amendments. What civil rights can you enjoy in a military dictatorship? The Armenians, Kurdish Iraqis and Turkish Cypriots can answer that question for you. In the next article we will entertain whether or not Islam is even compatible with democracy. American career politicians had better focus on the ‘homeland’ or a real grass roots revolt may come to their doors like chickens coming home to roost.

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