The Axis of Evil and the Brain-Shrinkage Bombshell

20/02/2014 06:08


By TLB contributor: Steve Cook 

The venality of the Axis of Evil (Psychiatry and Big Pharma) evidently knows no bounds. It has just come to my attention that they have known for AT LEAST THREE YEARS that antipsychotic drugs, the new atypical antipsychotics and clozapine are all associated with loss of brain tissue – in other words, brain damage.

I cite an article that appeared in Psychology Today almost exactly three years ago. The article itself cites an admission by a former editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Psychiatry and findings that were published in the February issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry, that the link between those psychiatric drugs and “progressive brain volume reductions.”

.Have a read of the article. It is an utter bombshell. It is a bombshell about which the Axis of Evil has kept very quiet. Get this:

If someone is manufacturing something which is discovered to cause serious harm to the consumer, the normal reaction is to alert the consumer and organise some sort of product recall or at least stop selling the product. Imagine if someone produced, say, a car engine that was discovered to leak toxic fumes into the cab causing serious long-term illness or even brain damage to the driver and any children or other people who happen to occupy the vehicle. Imagine that the longer the vehicle is used, the more permanent damage to the occupants. What would you expect the reaction to be? Now I imagine reaction should go something like this:

  • The manufacturer would immediately stop selling the vehicle.
  • Either that or the government’s regulatory bodies would carry out their humanitarian duties and instruct the manufacturer to stop selling the vehicle.
  •  Current users of the vehicle would be alerted and advised to get themselves, their children and so on out of the vehicle and find an alternative, safe, means of transportation.

This would be the sane, responsible response to the problem, would it not? But what would you think of a scenario that went like this:

  • The car engine has been on the market for decades.
  • Across the entire span of those years numerous concerned groups have been warning consumers and the manufacturer alike that there is a problem with that engine.
  • For  the entire time the manufacturer and the government have conspired or colluded in ignoring those warning or sweeping them under the carpet. As a result, cars fitted with that engine have been sold to millions of people. Increasing sales, courtesy of some slick marketing have resulted in increasing numbers of people being harmed by the leaking toxic fumes.
  • One day even the manufacturer cannot ignore the evidence any longer and  finally admits that its engine is responsible for brain damage.
  • But it makes the admission very quietly and hopes no-one will notice. The government colludes in keeping quiet about it and FOR YEARS that engine goes on being marketed and sold aggressively to ever greater numbers of  consumers. Everybody is told the engine is safe and that it is perfectly all right for their kids to travel in the vehicle. In fact children are      ENCOURAGED to travel in the vehicle.
  • Not only that, the same engine is sold to the military and fitted to all its tanks and transport vehicles, which results in the country’s troops also being damaged by the same toxic fumes. When the troops start getting sick,  that too is swept under the carpet.


What would you think of a government and a manufacturer who did such a thing? What would you think of a government and a manufacturer who KNEW what the product was doing and went on persuading people to drive those vehicles in the full knowledge that adults and children alike were suffering long-term brain damage and other serious harm?

You would want to find the people responsible and lock them up as criminals, wouldn’t you?

I put it to you that if we swap the allegory of the car engine for the reality of psychiatric drugs being sold to the consumer in the full knowledge of the harm that they are doing – and being marketed aggressively to youngsters as well – we have the same order of criminal negligence or criminal intent.

If it were a car engine, we would have lynched somebody by now.

Is this behaviour acceptable?






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