The 'Our Russ' Hysteria Comes Full Circle

04/05/2015 23:44
I am not going to issue platitudes along the lines of "I told you so", as I myself have been suckered in my own life more than a few times. However, after being attacked by an obscure fanatical book-burning religious sect and their teddy bear-wielding facilitators on a 'recovery' forum in 2012, it opened my eyes in a way that allowed me to see how group mind control and mass engineered hysteria actually functions on the Internet. How people on-the-fence are bullied into joining the attack, while people who are trying to find a reasoned approached are vilified and silenced by the histrionic emotional manipulator in charge spewing outrageous lies and distortions to 'prove' their point. It was some education I can tell you, and one that has served me very well. More importantly, how such constructed delusional group hysteria/psychosis was then taken over and then used by the 'change agents' to take me down, was perhaps the most eye-opening experience of my life. 
I never suspected I was listened to enough for anyone to give a shit. But the Psychopathic Control Grid, it would seem, is very suspicious and has eyes, ears and scheming keyboard-tapping agents/collaborators everywhere. They are also paranoid; very paranoid and hence, this is why they gave you Russell Brand as your bogus salvation. They do not like too many humans thinking for themselves without a political mandate to guide them. Like cult leaders, they despise human individuality and free thinking. Then I discovered a common link in both groups, going right back to the intelligence services. I had been set up from the start.
I only got wise to the Russell Brand farce right-off-the-bat due to the fact I was watching intently for signs of 'something' following the Bilderberg Fringe Festival. I knew 'they' had something in store to deal with the growing Alternative Movement, and so, when Russell Brand showed up on Newsnight SAYING NOTHING ORIGINAL NOR REMOTELY RADICAL, I knew their cat was being withdrawn from their proverbial bag. I could see that many of the speakers at the Bilderburg Fringe Festival were being set up (along with the attendees) and I discovered that some 'good friends' of one of the radical stately home socialist operatives who was sent to take me down, were also running this 'protest'. Then, the entire rancid bag of rotten lies and deception fell into place. This was the Purple Pill they wanted folks in the Alternative Movement to swallow. 
I know I was on the receiving end of some horrific personal attacks for trying to warn folks of what Russell Brand and the Fabians were up to last Autumn. However, I bear no malice towards anyone who was sincerely angry with me for trying to derail the Russell Brand Revolution as soon as it was launched by the BBC/Fabian Socialists. I understand where you were coming from. You, like me and most other people, just want a better life and a more decent world for all. Russell Brand and his 'team', along with the BBC pretended to give that to you. 
Like I said, we have all been duped based on our human decency. The problem is, when you are dealing with the Psychopathic Control Grid, they are not playing by the same rules we are. There is no decency, only deception. Cold, ruthless manipulation and it's just business. 
Truthers have generally been very kind and supportive of my work over the last few years, and I thank them for that. However, I was able to see the massive infiltration by 'professional shills' into their ranks trying to 'swing' folks against my work and back towards the Purple Pill agenda. These moles were nearly all involved in the psychopathic rat hole of self-serving university politics, and were following the same script from the central operations unit (most likely in a Cambridge political science research project), in that they were to state that I was 'jealous' of Brand and I was 'puerile' (for being a comedy writer and stand up comic...oh the irony!). 

You could see how the well-pampered Marxist-types were making Facebook friends with Truthers that they reckoned might be more easily influenced, and thus ordered them to attack me. This was the kind of dark, dark black operations stuff you get with cults. But that's it folks; we are dealing with a cult when we deal with the Fabians and other elite 'think-tanks'. All cults are designed for educated idiots and silver spoon 'radicals' at the end of the day. 

Ultimately the Left and Right ends of the political false spectrum all go back to the same aristocratic 'blueblood' Anglo-American elite handlers in the end. In precisely the same way all religious sects and cults go back to an inner core of psychopaths working their manipulated meat puppets. It's all a big game of Gaslighting and mind fucking. Which is why the ones who call themselves 'anti-Nazi' behave like the biggest fascists of all, and why Adolf Hitler was a National 'Socialist'. Always hidden in plain sight, folks. Once they come out with a label for you to connect yourself to, you must understand that they made it up for you to 'believe' in.

We learn a lesson, we heal our wounds and we move on. We have no choice.

It's your personal Evolution. Everything else is a diversion from the ultimate truth of all: that only you can save your own ass.

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