U.S. claims terrorists planned to implant bombs in passengers; will justify deep body scans

09/07/2011 19:44

By M. Ruppert - BLN Contributing Writer

It was just a matter of time, and the time has clearly come. Earlier this year the internet was abuzz with controversy over the prospect of full strength deep body scanners being rolled out by the TSA to airports across America. The justification for this move was that terrorists would start hiding bombs in body cavities in order to get around the invasive grope-downs and backscatter X-Ray naked body scanners.

In Australia, legislation was presented which would allow a trial of the deep body scanners to be rolled out into various airports, supposedly to combat drug smuggling. The legislation was passed and now security personnel at Australian airports have been given the power to conduct internal body scans on passengers whom they suspect are trafficking drugs internally. All that is required is a “reasonable suspicion.”

What exactly is an indication of someone trafficking drugs internally that is reasonably suspicious enough to justify blasting them with incredibly powerful penetrating X-Rays? No one can set out some strict guidelines for this, or at least I have not been able to find such guidelines. One would assume that suspicious behavior would entail nervousness, sweating, irritability, unwillingness to cooperate with security personnel, or  any manner of things that they happen to deem suspicious.

The only truly objective sign of internal drug trafficking would be if the bag being used to smuggle the drugs burst and the person was displaying signs of a drug overdose. Otherwise, it is totally subjective and if you aren’t comfortable in a Nazi Germany-style checkpoint, you just might be reasonably suspicious enough to justify one of these scans if you happen to be in Australia.

The situation in America is not quite comparable to the situation in Australia since here in the United States the justification is not drug trafficking but an invisible, ever-present, all-powerful terrorist threat. These are the same terrorists who are being used to justify scanning pedestrians without their informed consent. These also happen to be the same terrorists we are supporting in Libya, the same terrorists who Senator John McCain has lauded as “heroes” while demanding that we provide them with “lethal aid.”

According to an AFP article published today, it was revealed that the U.S. administration had issued warnings to various airlines alleging that so-called “extremist groups” were considering surgically implanting explosives. Jay Carney, the White House’s spokesman, confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration have been in contact with airlines regarding this issue. Unfortunately, AFP was not able to receive a comment from any airlines.

Part of the justification for these new technologies, including the much less dangerous naked body scanners, is the false flag operation carried out by a patsy popularly known as “the underwear bomber.” Just like the “shoe bomber” the supposed attempted terrorist attack was a complete failure and was carried out by a young Nigerian who is the son of a rich Nigerian banker. A video was released which purportedly showed the underwear bomber with his al Qaeda compatriots in Yemen, which also helped to justify more drone attacks on alleged militants, which continue to this day.

However, this was only able to push through the implementation of the naked body scanners which do not penetrate nearly as deep into the human body as the new scanners will, as they will be able to scan internal body cavities. The hype surrounding this non-existent terrorist threat has been peddled since at least January of 2010, when an Italian minister claimed that they could be used to detect, “if a terrorist has swallowed a capsule full of explosives and could become a human bomb.”  Of course the body scanners that are now in many U.S. airports cannot do this as they detect items hidden under clothing, not within the body. To see if a terrorist had “swallowed a capsule full of explosives” these new deep-body scanners would be required.

One must remember that the justification used to roll-out these scanners is completely fraudulent. The increased security measures were originally credited to the events of September 11th, 2001 in which planes were allegedly hijacked from U.S. airports. I say allegedly because nothing surrounding the official story of 9/11 is concrete other than the fact that planes hit buildings and thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives at the hands of terrorists. Who these terrorists actually were has yet to be proven.

The TSA was not monitoring these airports, in fact the Israeli-owned company ICTS International was in charge of the security for every single one of the airports from which the planes were hijacked. Is this pure coincidence? Maybe so. Is it also coincidence that they secured the airports from which the “shoe bomber” and the “underwear bomber” departed from? Well, I’m finding it a bit hard to ignore all of the coincidences here, but I am sure there are many who can dismiss this as happenstance. However, I am not willing to suspend logic, reason, and common sense to the point where I would accept such an explanation.

The facts are quite simple: there has not been a single terrorist attack post-9/11 that has not been directly tied to Anwar al-Awlaki (the “CIA lackey” as Webster Tarpley calls him) who just happened to eat lunch at the Pentagon with top brass in the months after the tragic attacks on September 11th. Is all of this coincidence too?

If you choose to dismiss all of these strange connections that question the official stories fed to us by our supposed public servants, then that is your choice. Personally, I’d rather not have my DNA destroyed by scanning machines that have been justified based on an elaborate series of lies and deception.


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