We Don't Have to Play this Game.

03/01/2014 22:55

(thanks to Angela Kaye for transcribing my lecture)


We don’t have to play.
We don’t have to live this way.  
When you understand you are living within the Fear-and-Terror-Myth, then you understand the rules of the game.
And then, you understand that there’s no point in being a black or a white pawn on their chessboard.

You know that the only solution is to get off that chessboard.
WHEN you’re off that chessboard, you create a new game.

A new Myth.

We don’t need ANY of those big grubby, smelly hands moving the black and white pawns against each other,
We don’t need them.

The King is never killed.
The King is put into ‘check’.
All the pawns are killed.
It’s only the King who goes into ‘check’ and ‘check-mate’.

Get off.  GET OFF NOW ! !
GET OFF that chessboard !

When you are off the chessboard, you’re not living inside their mythology.

You are creating YOUR OWN mythology.

We can be the thorn in their foot…
The barnacle on the Ship of State…
Slowly eating away at the whole.

Remember – No matter what a ship is built of, it always eventually rusts.  Or rots.

And that’s how we all are.
That’s how we’re surviving.
That is A WONDERFUL THING, when you realize that !

That, when you say, “ I’m no longer at the mercy of them and their games.
I’m OFF the chessboard. “
Looking at it.  Observing it.
As a Myth.

And then, you are less likely to need the salvation from a politician (as your God).
And, what you are actually being saved from is not THEM.

When someone thinks ‘this’ or ‘that’ politician is going to “save our land” - - 
No !
What he’s really doing is saving YOU from having to look at yourself !

As bad and pernicious and twisted and evil as The Psychopathic Control Grid IS,
- ultimately, it is our relationship with it, that keeps it going - .

It’s a difficult world, at times, that we live in.
But, it HAS TO BE painful.
That is how evolution works.
It’s SUPPOSED to look like garbage sometimes.

They are watching you all over the place…
On your computer browser,
Through your TV,
On cameras at intersections…
You are paying to be spied upon.
It’s sick beyond words.
You are paying for your own chains and manacles.
You are paying for the privilege of being spied upon.
You’re like a slave who is being made to pay for your manacles and chains.
But, you can avoid that !

They want you down there at their gibberment buildings, crybabying, “ PLEASE ! !  PLEASE !  Do something FOR us.”

That’s like saying,  “We want an investigation into the JFK assassination, and we want the guilty to be brought to trial…. To justice… “

And, the justice is NOT FOR YOU ! !

Remember what George Carlin said,
“It’s a rigged game, and YOU’RE NOT IN IT. “

So, don’t hope against hopelessness.
Work towards liberation.
Work towards Freedom.
And Create.  Create !
A new world.

It comes from your Inner World.

Here is 2014 coming up !
So, carry through this idea that we’re not going from one version of consciousness ONTO another version of consciousness.
And, instead of having all the dolls inside the little Russian nesting Doll open and spread out on the table, 
You are going through INTACT, with all the dolls inside you.
And a full understanding that YOU are a product…
and ALL OF US, and everything – are a product of Equality.
From the top doll, all the way down in the center…
Moving into a new expansion of personal consciousness…
Social evolution that doesn’t require a leader…
That doesn’t require a date…
That doesn’t require a Rule Book.

Because, The Rule Book has already been written.
The Rule Book is The MonoMyth of Your Life…
In the Greater Myth of this experience we call life on earth.

We’re just like a character in a video game.
You really CAN – if you get killed – go back to where you were last safe…

Not physically killed.
But, where things went wrong…
You can go back to where you were last stopped in your progress and move forward…
From that point ON…

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